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Expresate 7.2

Expresate nivel 1, vocabulario 2 del capítulo 7

bajar de peso to lose weight
buscar un pasatiempo to find a hobby
la cabeza head
caminar to walk
el cuello neck
los dedos fingers
dejar de fumar to stop smoking
doler (ue) to hurt
enojarse to get angry
Es que It's because/just that
estar aburrido(a) to be bored
estar cansado(a) to be tired
estar contento(a) to be happy
estar enfermo(a) to be sick
estar nervioso(a) to be nervous
estar triste to be sad
el estómago stomach
la garganta throat
hacer yoga to do yoga
Le duele(n) His (Her) ...hurt(s)
las manos hands
Me duele(n) My ...hurt(s)
el oído inner ear
los pies feet
¿Qué te pasa? What's wrong with you?
¿Qué tiene ...? What's the matter with ...?
seguir(i) una dieta sana to eat a balanced diet
sentirse (ie) to feel
subir de peso to gain weight
¿Te duele algo? Does something hurt?
Te veo mal You don't look well
tener catarro to have a cold
demasiado(a) too much
dormir lo suficiente to get enough sleep
ni neither
no debes you shouldn't
Para cuidarte la salud debes... To take care of your health, you should
Para cuidarte mejor ... To take better care of yourself
tanta grasa so much fat
tanto(a) so much, so many
tanto dulce so many sweets
tener frío to be cold
tener calor to be hot
tener miedo to be afraid
tener sueño to be sleepy
tener _ años to be _ years old
tener hambre to be hungry
tener cuidado to be careful
¿Sabes qué? You know what?
Comes muy mal. No debes comer tanto dulce ni grasa. You eat very badly. You shouldn't eat so many sweets nor so much fat.
Para cuidarte mejor, debes dormir lo suficiente. To take better care of yourself, you should get enough sleep.
¿Por qué no te acuestas más temprano? Why don't you go to bed earlier?
No debes ver demasiada televisión. You shouldn't watch too much television.
Created by: lasenorapora
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