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AQA Heat 1

Beginners - G - E

condensation when a gas turns into a liquid and looses some energy
evaporation when a liquid turns into a gas and then takes heat energy away from the liquid
conduction heat moves through a solid by passing on vibrations, like when a metal gets hot
convection current this happens in air or in liquid, the hot particles move up and the cold particles sink down
infrared radiation this happens when hot things give off heat in waves, you don't have to touch it to feel warm
conductor lets heat pass through it easily
insulator does not let heat in or out easily
more dense lots of particles in a space
less dense few particles in a space
emit to give out
black surfaces good at taking heat in and giving it out
white and shiny surfaces bad at taking heat in and giving it out
absorb to take in heat
solid particles are packed very close together and vibrate
liquid particles are touching but can move about and flow over each other easily
gas particles are very spread out and move around very quickly
kinetic energy movement energy
thermometer the piece of equipment that we measure temperature with
contract to take up less space
expand to take up more space
thermal another word for heat
fluid liquid or a gas
cavity wall insulation is put in between the gaps in walls of houses to keep the house warm in winter and cool in summer
U-value is how quickly parts of a building loose heat
Solar panels absorb heat (infrared radiation) from the Sun to warm up water
mass is measured in kilograms (kg)
energy is measured in Joules (J)
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