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Vocabulary List #1

A list of vocabulary affixes, words with the same affixes, and a sentence.

PREFIXES From this point on we will be doing prefixes...
dis- Means not. Examples of this word are disappear, disapprove, disadvantage, disability. I rubbed my aching ankle, while I stressed over my newest disability.
mis- Means bad. Examples of this word are misuse, misadjust, mistrust, misaddress. I sliced my finger as I realized I had been misusing the scissors.
pre- Means before. Examples of this word are preview, preschool, predict, prepay. Right before the showing, I previewed the movie.
re- Means again, or back. Examples of this word are redo, retry, reincarnate, reinvade. I ran around the track again, retrying the mile run.
un- Means not. Examples of this word are unfinished, unable, unfair, unholy. I found it unfair that I got one cookie, but Megan got nineteen.
ROOT From this point on we will be looking at roots...
anni Means year. Examples of this word are anniversary, annual, annuity, semiannual. My husband and I are celebrating our one year of being together, with an anniversary party.
bibl Means book. Examples of this word are bibliography, Bible, biblicist, bibliolater. I sat reading the Bible, which is a great book about the Lord.
cycl Means wheel. Examples of this word were bicycle, cyclist, anticyclonic, cycle. I rode my bicycle down the street, the wheels turning as I went.
dict Means say. Examples of this word are diction, dictator, dictum, predictability. She pronounced her words carefully, and with great diction.
equi Means equal. Examples of this word are equitable, equilateral, equivalence, equidistant. 90 is the same as 45 times 2.
graph Means write. Examples of this word are autograph, grapher, autobiography, graphic. I wrote a story of my life about a year ago, and the autobiography became a best seller!
multi Means much, many. Examples of this word are multiply, multitude, multifold, multimillionaire. I multiplied the numbers 3 and 4, instead of adding 4 to itself 3 times.
typ Means print. Examples of this word are type, ecotype, electrotype, genotype. The computer keys clicked rapidly, while I typed a paper on monkeys.
SUFFIXES From this point on we will be doing suffixes...
-er, -or Means one who. Examples of this word are teacher, actor, driver, dancer, sailor. The sailor climbed onboard, and started getting ready for his job of steering the ship.
-ful Means notable for. Examples of this word are thankful, spiteful, hurtful, pitiful. The bullies word were very hurtful, and I started crying.
-y Means characterized by. Examples of this word are salty, spicy, tasty, filthy. She came in covered in dirt, and I quickly grimaced while she never noticed how filthy she was.
Created by: kkbby001



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