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4th Verb Test

2nd Quarter Verbs--Lorenzen

acabarse to finish
acusar to accuse
aplastar* to crush, to squash
bastar to be enough, to be sufficient
cenar to have/eat dinner
defender to defend
desasosegar to disturb or unsettle
desembolsar to pay out
desprender* to turn off, to unfasten
disminuar to diminish or lessen
ejecutar to execute
encariñarse con to become fond of
enlatar* to can (food), to preserve
entregar* to turn in, to deliver
escudriñar to scrutinize or look over
estropear to damage or ruin
felicitar to congratulate
frenar* to brake, to stop
gustar to be pleasing to
hinchar to swell up
inclinarse to be inclined, or lean toward
intentar to try to do something
jactarse to brag or boast
levantar to raise
luchar to fight
marear to get seasick or dizzy
mudar to move
oler to smell
patrocinar to sponsor
perder* to lose, to waste, to miss
poner la mesa to set the table
presentar to present or introduce
proyectar to project
rasguear to strum(a guitar)
recoger to pick up or collect
reír to laugh
reprimir* to repress, to suppress
retratar to portray or depict
salivar to salivate or drool
servir to serve
soplar to blow
tener valer to be worth
vencer* to defeat, to overcome, conquer, beat
Created by: pvdrama