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Chemistry 1 Vocab

Unit 1: Tools of the Chemist

Scientific Method A systematic method of problem solving
Hypothesis An educated guess based on available information
Stir Rod A tool used for stirring liquids
Goggles A tool used to protect your eyes
Evaporating Dish A tool used to heat and evaporate liquids
Hot Hands A device used to pick up hot glassware with your hands
Mortar and Pestle A pair of devices to grind solids
Beaker Tongs A device used to pick up beakers
Estimate The last decimal of any measurement is an _______
Qualitative A descriptive measurement
Controlled Variable the factors that change during an experiment
Bunsen Burner A tool used as a heat source in labs
Crucible A tool in which small amounts of solid are heated with intense heat
Watch Glass A circular, clear tool used to observe or heat a small amount of chemical
Test Tube Holder A device used to hold a test tube IN YOUR HANDS
Conclusion the part of a lab report that contains the results of the activity and sources of error
Funnel A tool to direct the flow of a liquid into a small-mouthed container
Horizontal the X axis of a graph is _____
Graduated Cylinder A tool used for measuring the volume of liquids
Balance A tool used for measuring mass
Accuracy A description of how close a measurement is to the true value of the quantity
Triangle File A device used with a ring clamp to support a funnel or crucible
Wire Gauze A flat tool used with a ring clamp to support a beaker
Theory A model that allows us to make predictions
Iron Ring Metal device attached to a ring post that supports a piece of glassware
Vertical the Y axis of a graph is _____
Crucible Tongs
Medicine Dropper A tool used to deliver liquids one drop at a time
Triangle Wire A tool used to remove sharp edges and grind away metal
Procedure The part of a lab report that tells you what to do in an experiment
Forceps An instrument used for grasping, manipulating, or extracting small objects
Scoop Spatula A tool used to dispense solid chemical
Test Tube These are used to collect or combine chemcicals
Purpose The reason for performing an experiment
Test Tube Brush A device for cleaning test tubes
Quantitative A numerical measurement
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