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Operations in Base 10

remainder in whole number division, when you have divided as far as you can, what has not been divided (what is left over)
whole number zero and the counting numbers 1,2,3...
long division a standard procedure suitable for dividing simple or complex multi- digit numbers
finite decimal a decimal that contains a terminating number of digits
compare to decide if one number is greater than, less than, or equal to another
compose to put together, as in numbers or shapes
decimal notation a number containing a decimal point
exponent the number that tells the number of time the base is multiplied by itself
rounding to find the nearest ten, hundred, thousand, etc.
add to combine or put together two or more quantities
quotient answer to a division problem
hundredths the name of the next place to the right of tenths
period in a large number, they are groups of 3 digits separated by commas or by spaces (123,456,789)
tenths in the decimal numeration, this is the name of the place to the right of the decimal point
decompose to separate or take apart
comparison bars used to represent larger and smaller amounts in a comparison situation
dividend a number that is divided by another number
subtrahend in subtraction, this is the number being subtracted
algorithm a step-by-step method for computing
divide to separate into equal groups and find the number in each group or the number of groups
divisor the number by which another number is divided
standard form the common way of writing a number using digits
word form a way of using words to write a number
thousandths the name of the place to the right of the hundredths in the decimal numeration system
expanded form a way to write numbers that shows the place value of each digit
inverse operations operations that undo each other
less than a phrase used to compare two numbers
inequality a mathematical sentence that compares two unequal expressions using one of the symbols <,>, or ≠
multiply the operation of repeated addition on the same number
greater than a phrase used to compare two numbers
array an arrangement of objects in equal rows
base 10 numbers numerals based on groups of ten
place value the value of a digit based on its position in the number
digit any of the symbols 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, or 9
area model a model of application that shows each place value product within a rectangle
addend any number being added
powers of 10 using a base number of 10 with an exponent
product the answer to a multiplication problem
fluently a "comfort" with math that is a combination of efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility
minuend in subtraction, this is the number you subtract from
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