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chapter 2

Key Terms

Dorsal Body Cavity Protects the fragile nervous system organs
Cranial Cavity A part of the Dorsal Body Cavity; encases the skull
Spinal Cavity A part of the Dorsal Body Cavity; runs within the the bony vertebral column, encloses the delicate spinal cord.
Ventral Body Cavity The more anterior and larger of the closed body cavities.
Viscera Internal Organs
Thoracic Cavity The superior subdivision; surrounded by the ribs and muscles of the chest.
Pleural Cavities Envelopes the lungs (each individual)
Pericardial Cavity Encloses the heart, and also surrounds the remaining thoracic organs.
Abdominopelvic Cavity Seperates the Thoracic Cavity by the diaphram.
Abdominal Cavity Contains stomach, intestines, spleen, liver and other organs.
Pelvic Cavity Lies in the bony pelvis and contains the bladder, some reproductive organs and the rectum.
Serous Membrane A thin, double-layered membrane found on the outer surfaces of the organs.
Serous Fluid Seperates the serous membranes
Umbilical Region The centermost region deep to and surrounding the navel
Epigastric Region Located superior to the umbilical region
Hypogastric Region Located inferior to the umbilical region
Inguinal Region Located lateral to the hypogastric region
Right and left lumbar regions Lie lateral to the umbilical region
Right and left hypochondriac region Flank the epigastric region laterally
Urinary System Eliminates nitrogenous wastes from the body
Skeletal System Protects and supports body organs
Muscular System Allows manipulation of the environment, locomotion, and facial expression; maintains pposture and produces heat.
Medial Toward or at the midline of the body; or on the inner side of
Superficial Toward or at the body surface
Distal Farther from the origin of a body part or the point of attachment of a limb to the body trunk.
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