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PharmacyTech Study

Pharmacy Tech Study Guide

What is the JCAHO and what does it do? Joint Commission on Accredidation of Healthcare Organizations, Important in the hospital inspection process, Sets standards for hospitals
When checking in medications on an invoice, the technician should: Match the # of medicaiton containers, size, price of each, total price, and any discounts before putting them on the shelf.
Extemporaneous prep of unit does medications must have: A recording sheet w/ specific drug, date, and lot# information.
OTC drugs can be dispensed w/out prescription because they: are generally safe but can cause reactions in certain patients.
technicians may deliver unit dose medications which are: Unit of use medications used in hospitals for efficiency and to control costs.
A tech may fill prescriptions or physicians orders only if: His/her work is double checked by a pharmacist
What is the Pharmacy & Therapeutics Commitee? (AKA P& T Commitee) Evaluates drugs and decides which ones will be allowed on the formulary
The first thing a tech should do when professionally greeting a customer is? (Retail) Introduce himself/herself to the patient.
The term "Third Party" refers to: The insurance company, welfare or workers compensation.
What does the term "Oval's" refer to? Glass or plastic bottles used to dispense liquids.
What are the methods which a pharmacy can receive prescriptions? in person, telephone, fax or internet.
A co-pay is the amount that the <blank> pays for the prescription patient
Duties that should be performed by techs include... Answering phones, ordering supplies and record keeping.
What is OBRA '90? A law passed by the fed gov, requiring pharmacists to cousel patients receiving govt assistance.
What are auxilliary labels? The color reminder labels attached after the main label has been attached to a prescription container.
The most highly trained health professional in medication therapy Pharmacist
One of the most important things to check with floor stock medications and crash carts Expiration dates of medications.
Concerning the dispensing of drugs; Prescriptions drugs are... Dangerous drugs that may only be dispensed when prescribed by a physician.
What organization sponsored the first voluntary certification exam for pharm techs in 1995? PTCB, or Pharmacy Technician Certification Board
In order to dispense dangerous drugs a pharmacy dept, must display what? Terminal Distributors License.
When trying to find the information on whether a product like Lanoxin is available, what source will provide the answer Drug Topics Red Book
Best source for dosing information for a five year old child Pediatric Dosage Handbook
Organized by disease condition with information on treatment using OTC items Handbook of Nonprescription drugs
Gives patient drug informaiton in lay language Second volume of USP DI
Computer program that can print out patient specific drug informaiton MedCoach
Can identify a geric name of a brand name product American Drug Index
Electronic drug information source contains informaiton on lab tests, infectious disease, and drug identication, as well as medical dictionary. LexiComp's Clinical Reference Library
Official publication of the American Pharmaceutical Association American Pharmacy
Contains a listing of manufacturers with addresses and telephone numbers Blue Book
Physicians can use to find brief descriptions of disea conditions and treatments The Merck Manual
Found in most pharmacies and is often used for brand and generic names Drug Facts and Comparisons
The HandBook on Injectable Drugs is most useful for information on: Compatibility with other drugs
Name of the software package that allows you to search databases produced by the National Library of Medicine. Grateful Med
True or False, a package insert only contains information approved by the FDA True
The Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) is the most complete source of drug information for all products in the United States. False. It is used as a marketing tool by pharmaceutical companies.
Printed source of information intended specifically for patient education. Second Volume of USP DI.
Drug interaction source published by Applied Therapeutics and describes each interaction in five parts Drug Interactions and Updates Quarterly.
What does NDC stand for? National Drug Code
True or false, NDC numbers are required for some but not all prescriptions medicines False, they are required for all.
Periodical that publishes pharmacy practice information information for manage care settings? Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy
Which publication contains a directory of Poison Centers Drug Topics Red Book
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