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At, In, On, To, From

The course begins _____ January 13. on
The course ends ____ June 5. on
I went to bed ____ midnight. at
I got up ____ 6 A.M. at
We traveled to San Diego and arrived ___ 5 PM ___ the evening. at, in
Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky ___ 1809. in
Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky ___ February 12, 1809. on
Are you doing anything special ___ the weekend? on
Hurry up! We've got to go ___ ten minutes. in
I haven't seen Isabella for a few days. I last saw her ___ Monday. on
I'll email you ___ Sunday evening ___ about 10 PM. on, at
I might not be home ___ the evening. in
Can you call ___ the afternoon? in
George Washington died ___ 1799 ___ the age of 67. in, at
I get paid ___ the end of the month. at
He is a cook, but he's unemployed ___ the moment. at
The price of gasoline is going up ___ March. in
___ Friday evenings I usually go for a walk in my neighborhood. On
There are usually a lot of parties ___ New Year's Eve. on
I like studying ___ night. It's nice and quiet at my house. at
Sue doesn't see her grandparents very often--usually only ___ her birthday and sometimes ___ the summer. on, in
___ the end of the month we will celebrate their birthdays. At
I'm going to a party ___ July 4th. on
I'm going out to get some exercise. I'll be back ___ half an hour. in
Maria works hard during the week, so she likes to relax ___ the weekends. on
It was an easy chapter, so I read it ___ a day. in
Joe got married ___ 18, which is young to get married. at
Would you like to go out for dinner ___ Friday night? on
The phone rang and the doorbell rang ___ the same time. at
Susie and Randy always go out for dinner ___ their wedding anniversary. on
Mr. King is 63. He'll be retiring from his job ___ two years. in
She goes to school ___ Simi Valley. in
She goes to school ___ Simi Valley Adult School. at
Jazz became popular in the United States ___ the 1920s. in
Jazz became popular ___ the United States in the 1920s. in
The teacher isn't here ___ the moment. at
The teacher isn't here at the moment, but she'll be back ___ a few minutes. in
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