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Esperanza Vocab

Esperanza Rising

premonition feeling that something bad will happen
capricious likely to change suddenly and for no apparent reason
propriety quality of being proper
anguish great suffering as from worry, grief, or pain; agony
indignation anger at something that seems unjust, unfair
devious not in a straight path; roundabout - straying from the right way; not honest
renegades a person who abandons a party, or movement and goes over to the other side; traitor
mesmerized to hypnotize; to spellbound
undulating having a way, form, margin or surface
cherubs any child with a sweet, innocent face; or a chubby baby angel
careening to lean or tip to one side; to lean or roll from side to side while moving fast
staccato made up of abrupt, distinct elements or sounds
brooded to ponder in a troubled way; to keep thinking about something in a distressed or troubled way
loomed to come into sight in a sudden or frightening way
foreman a person in charge of a group of workers
accosting to come close to and speak in a bold or impolite way
trellis frame of crossed stripes, especially of wood on which vines or other climbing plants are grown
taunting to make fun of with scornful words; jeer at; to tease
accustomed customary, usual; regular use - to cause to get used to something
atrocious very cruel, evil, unpleasant, or bad
encrusted to cover with a crust or layer
immunized to make or protect against a disease especially by vaccination
susceptible having feelings that are easily affected; very sensitive
bedraggled looking like something that has been dragged through mud; wet and dirty; untidy; messy
slogans word or phrase used by political party or business, to get attention or advertise a product
lug wooden box used to transport fruit or vegetables
picket a person such as a member of a labor union on strike standing or walking outside a factory, or store to show protest
deportation the act of leaving a country by official order; banish
relapse to fall back into an earlier condition, especially into illness after seeming to get better
escort to go along with or accompany
infuriate to make very angry in rage
grandeur great size, beauty, dignity, etc.
tendril any of the small, curly stems that hold up a climbing plant by coiling around something
Created by: mdancer