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Ball/ Element Na rudaí sa tacar/ The items in a set
Tacar Nialasach ( Tacar folamh)/ Null set (Empty set) Tacar gan aon bhall/ A set with no elements
Tacair chothroma/ Even sets Tá dhá thacar cothrom le chéile más iad na baill chéánna go baileach atá iontu/ Two sets are even sets if they contain the same elements
Fo-thacair/ Subset Má tá A= {1,2,3,4,5} agus B={3,4}, tá B ina fho-thacair de A
Léaráid Venn/ Venn Diagram Doigh le tacair a léiriú le ciorcal agus baill an tacar a léiriú le poncanna/ A way of representing sets using circles showing the elements of the sets with dots
Idirmhír/ Intersection Is é an idirmhír atá ag dhá thaciar ná na baill atá i bpairt ag an dá thacair/ The intersection of two sets is the elements which are part of both sets
Bunuimhir/ Cardinal number Líon ball an tacar/ Number of elements in a set
Uilethacar/ Universal set An tacar cúil nuair a bhíonn fo-thacair éagsúla á bplé/ The universal set is a set containing all possible elements in the context provided
Comhlánú/ Complement ( A') Na mball den uilethacar nach baill de an tacair atá i gceist/ The members of the universal set that are not included in the set in question
Aontas idir dhá thacair/ Union of two sets Gach ball de chuid A agus B le cheile/ The elements included in both A and B
Created by: matapsgd
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