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Geology 10

Where is erosioin concentrated along a meandering stream on the outer parts of the meander loops or bends
is an abandoned, cutoff, meander loop Oxbow lake
Make up the suspended loads of most rives and streams Silt and clay-sized detrital grains
Describes the total setament load transported by a stream. Capacity
A ____ stream pattern is developed only on growing mountains like volcanoes or where the land surface is tectonically doming upward redial
What is the drop in water surface elevation divided by the distance the water flows? Stream gradient
A ____ stream pattern developes on land underlain by tilted or folded, alternating hard and soft, sedimentary strata trellis
Freatures characterized wide streams and valleys? Natural levees; broad floodplains
___are components of the hydorlogic cycle that relese water vapor directly to the atmosphere Evaporation and transpiriation
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