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Chapter 17 ORGO 2

Benzene and aromatic compounds

What does it mean a conjugated system ? The double bonds are separated by only one single bond
What is the formula of the simplest aromatic hydrocarbon (or arene) and what is its name? Benzene C6H6
How many degrees of unsaturation has Benzene ? Benzene has 4 degrees of unsaturation, this is Highly unsaturated.
To what kind of reaction benzene does not undergo ? Benzene does not undergo addition.
What are the Kekule structures ? Kekule structures are rapidly equilibrating mixture of two compounds, each containing a six-membered ring.
what does any structure for benzene must have ? 1) 6 Member ring and 3 additional degrees of unsaturation. 2) Planar 3) All C-C bonds are equal in lenght.
What is the hybridization and bond angle of each carbon atom in benzene ? All C-C bonds are sp^2 hybridized, and trigonal planar with 120*
Benzene reacts with nucleophiles or electrophiles ? Benzene reacts with Electrophile due to the 6 delocalized electrons above the ring.
What special H NMR characteristic does the Benzene group has ? The absorption at 6.5-8.0 ppm
What is the requirement for a molecule to be Ortho, meta or para ortho has a -1,2- metra has a -1,3- para has a -1,4- substitute in the benzene ring
What are Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonds ? Compounds containing two or more benzene rings that share C-C bonds, also called PAHs.
How do we know Benzene unusually stable? The low heat of hydrogenation of benzene means that benzene is specially stable.
What are the Criteria a compound must have in order to be classified as aromatic ? The molecule has to cyclic, planar, completely conjugated and contain a particular number of pi electrons.
What does it mean for a compound to be cyclic ? Each p orbital must overlap with p orbitals on two adjacent atoms.
What does it mean for a compound to be Planar ? All adjacent p orbitals must be Aligned so that the pi electron density can be delocalized
What does it mean for a compound to be conjugated ? That it must have a p orbital on every atom on the ring
What is Huckel's rule and formula ? Hucler's rule refers to the number of pi electrons (not the number of atoms) in a particular ring 4n +2Pi (n=0,1,2..) = aromatic 4n +pi = antiaromatic
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