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2.3 Verbos

2nd Quarter Verbs

abrochar to buckle up / fasten
acordarse de to remember
agruparse to group together
atender to assist
buscar to look / search for
conocer to know (people/places/things)
derrumbar to tumble down, knock over
desdibujar to blur
despegar to take off (plane) / to unstick, unglue
dirigirse to direct or go toward
durar to last
encajar to fit (into)
engañar to deceive / trick
entibiar to make warm / lukewarm
escandalizar to scandalize
estrechar to narrow
fallecer to fail / die
freír to fry
gobernar to govern
helar to freeze
imponer to impose
iniciar to initiate
invertir to invest / invert
lanzarse to throw / launch
llevar to take people / carry / wear
maquillarse to put on makeup
montar to ride
ocultar to hide / conceal
parecer to seem
pelear to fight
podar to prune / trim
premiar to award a prize
proseguir to continue
rascar to scratch
reciclar to recycle
registrar to register
repasar to review
restar to subtract / take away
roer to grow
sentirse to feel
soñar to dream
temer to fear
vacilar to hesitate / waver
volverse to become + adj
Created by: siri2009
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