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Glossary D

Stack #179836

Damages The indemnity recoverable bya person who has sustained an injusry, either to his/her person, property, or relative rights, through the act or default of another.
Debit The amount charged as due or owing.
Debit Capital Money borrowed for a particular business purpose.
Debt Service Annual amount to be paid by a debtor on an obligation to repay borrowed money.
Decedent One who is dead.
Decree Order issued by one in authority; an edict or law; a judicial decision.
Dedication A grant and appropriation of land by its owner for some public use, accepted for such use, by an authorized public official on behalf of the public.
Deed An instrument in writing duly executed and delivered, that conveys title to real property.
Deed Restriction An imposed restriction in a deed for the purpose of limiting the use of the land such as 1.A restriction against the sale of liquor theron 2. A restriction as to the size, type, value or placement of improvements that may be erected thereon.
Default Failure to fulfill a duty or promise, or to discharge an obligation; omission or failure to perform any acts.
Defeasance Clause The cluase in a mortgage that permits the mortgator to redeem his or her property upon the repayment of the obligations to the mortgage.
Deficiency Judgment A judgment given when the security of the loan does not entirely satisfy the debt upon its default.
Delivery The transfer of the possession of a thing from one person to another.
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