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Glossary C

Stack #179806

Cancellation Clause Provision in lease or other contract which confers upon one or more of all of the parties to the lease the right to terminate the party's or parties' obligations thereunder upon the occurence of the condition or constigency set forth in the said clause.
Capital Apprecaition The appreciation acruing to the benfit of the capital improvemnet to real estate.
Capital Asset Any asset of a permanent nature used for the production of income.
Capital Gain Income that results from the sale of an asset not in the usual course of business.(Capital gains may be taxed at lower rate than ordinary income)
Capital Improvement Any structured erected as a permanent improvement to real estate, usually extending the useful life and value of property. (The replacement of a roof would be considered a capital improvement.)
Capital Loss A loss from the sale of an asset not in the usual course of business.
Cavaet Emperor Let teh buyer beware. The buyer must examine the goods or property and buy at the buyer's own risk.
Cease and Desist List Upon the establishment of a cease and desist zone by the Secretary, a list of homeowners who have filed owner's statements expressing their wish not to be solicited by real estate brokers or salespersons. Soliciting of listed homeowners by licenses is pro
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