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BJU Chem exam 1-9A


Name the compound P2O5 in written form. diphosphorus pentoxide
A reversible reaction has what symbol? --------> <------- where one arrow points left and the other is right and they are stacked onto each other
The notation used indicates the substance is dissolved in water? (aq)
The first element listed in the formula of a binary acid is always? hydrogen
Hydrogen , oxygen and another nonmetal for this acid. ternary
Which halogen always has an oxidation number of -1 due to its high electronegativity? flourine
Standrdized set of rules for naming something nomenclature
If solid falls out of solution during a reaction it is called a precipitate
Formula for tin (II) oxide SnO
formula for tin(IV) oxide SnO2
Sum of oxidation numbers in a compound should equal 0 (zero)
Geometric shape of ozone bent
Which two molecular shapes must always be polar? bent and pyramidal
electrons shared in a covalent bond are called what? bonding pair
Only metal that is a liquid at room temperature? mercury (Hg)
Element symbol for copper Cu
yield symbol for chemical equations? --------->
oxidation number for Cu in CuSO4? +2
A hydrate compound contains water molecules with this type of structure? crystalline
Penta in the Greek prefix means? 5
The Stock system used to name ionic compounds containing metal with multiple oxidation states uses? Roman numerals
Oxyanion is? oxygen and one other element
Molecule not linear in shape , an example? GeF2
VSEPR theory says a three-atom molecule are sometimes what? linear
Two=atom molecules according to VSEPR are always what? linear
What shape is HCN? linear
Polar compound example NH3
Most metals have low electron affinities so they are most likely to do what? share electrons freely when bonding to each other
Examples of a covalent molecule include: F2, CO, and NH3
When oxygen and sodium bond, what type of bond would you expect? ionic bond
Copper, nickel, zinc and potassium are examples of what? metals
The chemist who devised the electrongativity scale? Pauling
Z is equal to what in an atom? protons
Sublevel d holds how many electrons? 10
Biochemistry is the study of chemical processes in what type of organisms? living things
Workability is the goal of what? science
Organic chemistry is the branch that studies primarily compounds containing this______. carbon
what is orbital notation for Bromine using the diagnal rule? Br: [Ar] 01 01 01 01 01 (3d) shell 01 (4s) shell 01 01 0 (4p) shell
VSEPR stands for what? valence shell electron pair repulsion theory
Lewis structure for CH4 and its shape is? C in middle with 4 H around, shape tetrahedral
convert 450 cm to mm 4.5x10 3rd
How many protons, electrons and neutrons are in 59/27 Co with a 2+ oxidation number? 52 protons, 32 neutrons and 25 electrons
How many significant digits in 0.037010? 5
Hydrogen has an electron configuration of? 1S
Partial charge has symbols which look like what? o with a negative sign about them and indicated - or + sign for the charge
Which element is the most reactive? Flourine
In the Periodic table, what are these: F, Cl, Br, I, and At called? Halogens
How many valence electrons does Neon have? 8
How many valence electrons does Li have? 1
On the periodic table, the small number listed under an element is called what? atomic mass
What symbol indicates that heat must be supplied for a reaction will occur? small triangle
MgSO4 is called? Magnesium sulfate
Mg3CO3 x 5H2O is called? Magnesium carbonate pentahydrate
CuCl2 is called? cupric chloride
CuSO4 is called? copper (II) sulfate
HClO2 is what type of compound? ternary acid
HCl is what type of compound? binary acid
CO is what type of compound? binary covalent compound
N2S5 x 3 H2O is called what type of compound? hydrate
Na2O4 is called what type of compound? polyatomic ionic compound
When writing a binary ionic compound, what ending is used in the second name? -ide
The oxidation number of oxygen is? 2+
The criss cross method is good for what? Setting up formulas for binary compounds
NO2 is NOT electrically what? a neutral ion
The Greek system of prefixes is used to do what? indicate how many atoms of each element are in a binary covalent compound
Who was the German chemist who found the system of naming compounds? Stock
Name this: HCl (aq) hydrochloric acid
Name this: N2 O3 dinitrogen trioxide
Name this: H3 PO4 phosphoric acid
Name this: HClO4 perchloric acid
Name this: HBrO hypobromous acid
What is the chemical formula for ammonium fluoride? NH4F
What is the chemical formula for sodium phosphate? Na3PO4
What is the chemical formula for carbon disulfide? CS2
What is the name of the chemical KClO3? potassium chlorate
What is the name of the chemical CaCl2? calcium chloride
What is Avogadro's number? 6.022 x 10 the 23rd
What is a mole? 6.022 x 10 the 23rd of anything (atoms and molecules)
What is Avogadro's number equal to? 12g of Carbon 12
Molar mass is calculated how? by adding the mass of each element together
Created by: RiddleBCA



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