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Essen und Getränke


Dán Poem
File Poet
Úsáideann an file The poet uses
íomhá image
íomhánna images
Consumer Person who buys goods/services
Impulse purchases Buying on the spur of the moment
Consumer A consumer is anyone who buys goods or services for their own use
A Brand A brand is the identity of a particular product.
mo chlann my family
mo chaitheamh aimsire a persons past time
Plantation settling people from mother country to conquered country
Planters name of people resettled
undertakers list of terms planters had to undertake
monarchs king or queen that ordered the plantation
the pale area around dublin under english rule
tories wild irish living outside pale
laois offaly 1st plantation
What is alliteration? using different letters in succession
What is personification? Giving life to something with no life
Location of piece of public sculpture
Materials used
Suit environment?
Alliteration Repetition of two or more words beginning with the same consonant. e.g. The big brown bear.
Simile Image which compares two different things using the words like, as or than. e.g. Her face was as white as snow.
Metaphor Image which compares two different things without using the words like, as or than. e.g. His face was a red tomato.
Onomatopoeia When a word actually sounds like the noise that it describes. e.g. There was a splash as the stone hit the water.
Personification When a non-human object is given human characteristics. e.g. The sun smiled down upon us.
Hyperbole When a writer uses exaggeration. e.g. The train rocketed down the tracks.
Mood The main emotion created by the writer in the poem
Hydraulic Action Sheer force of the water attacking the cliff face or river bank.
Abrasion The load carried by the river or sea acting as a cutting tool.
Attrition Load being carried by the river sea being broken down still acts as a cutting cut.
Solution Minerals in the rock being broken down by water.
Compressed Air Air trapped in the joints and cracks in the rocks. Air is released when wave retreats. Causes rocks to shatter break.