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Math Vocab

2nd QTR

Qualitative Data expressed in or relating to categories rather than quantities or numbers.
Quantitative Data expressed in or relating quantities or numbers.
Mean the number found when the sum of two or more numbers are divided by the number of addends.
Median the middle number in a data list.
Mode the number that appears most often
Divisibility Test a shorthand way of determining whether a given number is divisible.
Ratio a comparison of two numbers by division.
Circumference the enclosing boundary of a curved figure.
Concentric circle two or more circles with a common center.
Oblique lines a line that isn't vertical nor horizontal.
Parallel lines lines in the same plan that don't intersect.
Perpendicular lines lines that intersect at right angles.
Vertex a point of an angle where two or more line segments meet.
Reciprocal numbers whose product is one.
Protractor at tool used to measure and draw angles.
Base a designated or face of a geometric figure.
Exponent the upper number in an exponential expression.
Perfect Square the product when a whole number is divided by itself.
Area of rectangle formula multiply length times width.
Area of square formula multiply the length on one side times itself.
Population a certain group of people that a survey is about.
Range the difference between the greatest and the least of the numbers.
Bimodal having two modes.
Stem And Leaf Plot a method of graphing
Sector a region bordered by part of a circle and two radii
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