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Chapter 10

Medieval Europe

the political and social order developed in Europe during the Middle Ages where nobles offered protected to subjects in return for service feudalism
a man who served the lord in a military capacity vassal
a member of the heavily armored cavalry knight
the land given to a vassal fief
the unwritten rules that determined the relationship between a lord and vassal feudal contract
a code of ethics that knights were supposed to uphold chivalry
a heavy, wheeled plow with an iron plowshare carruca
an agricultural estate owned by a lord and worked by peasants manor
a peasant bound to the land who provided labor service to a lord serf
the middle class bourgeoisie
a wealthy, powerful landowner patrician
a uniform system of English law based on customs and usage Common Law
a charter of rights signed by the English King John in 1215 Magna Carta
the representative government of England Parliament
a social or political class estate
The bourgeoisie was made up of these people merchants and artisans
This system allowed Europeans to harvest more crops each year Three-Field System
These two houses made up English Parliament House of Lords and House of Commons
The revival of trade in Europe led to the growth of these cities
Serfs primarily performed this type of work for the lords agriculture
This was a trading alliance of northern European cities Hanseatic League
This group conquered Russia in the 13th century Mongols
The vassal received this in return for his military service to a lord land
She was a wealthy woman who married to a French and then an English king Eleanor of Aquitaine
This became popular during the late 12th century jousting between knights
Clergy, nobles, and peasants made up these The Three Estates
The diet of Europeans was mainly made up of this grain
He defeated the English in 1066 and became the English king William of Normandy
The Magna Carta was an agreement between these two groups king and vassals
These people were invaders from Scandinavia Vikings
the Catholic Church and women strongly supported this chivalry
What empire was located primarily in the present-day country of Germany Holy Roman Empire
The Viking converted to this religion Christianity
He expanded the power of the king in England Henry II
The Kievan Rus eventually became this group the Russians
The Capetians became the ruling dynasty of this country in the late 10th century France
He was an archbishop of Canterbury who was killed for opposing the king of England Thomas a Beckett
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