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French Revolution, O

French Revolution, other Revolutions, Fall of China

El Grito de Dolores is what? "Cry from Delores!" a declaration by Mexican priest, Father Hidalgo saying the the Spanish had to go!
Delores is what? A city where Mexicans "cried for peace."
Mexican Independence Day is when what happened? El Grito de Dolores (Call to arms by priest)
Miguel Hildago was who? Creole priest who started Mexican Revolution #1
Who picked up where Hildago left off? Jose Morelos
Who was Simon Bolivar? Venezuelan leader
Bolivar did what? He was enlightened and educated; he traveled to Europe and United States
What results from Bolivar's win? GRAN COLOMBIA- Columbia, Ecuador, and Venezuela
Who was the leader in Argentina? Jose de San Martin
Napoleon invaded Portugal, and what happened? Portuguses king- John VI flees to Brazil
John VI leaves his son Pedro where? In Brazil to rule
Pedro does what? Declares independece for Brazil and makes himself emperor
What advantage did Brazil have when compared to other Latin American countries? ADVANTAGE OF STABLE MONARCHY DURING INDEPENDENCE
Effects of Latin American independece movements: Europe kicked out of Latin American
What does the sun never sets on the British Empire mean? Britian had so many colonies that the sun actually never set on the entre british empire.
Who were the sepoys? Indian Soldiers that were body guards for the British East India Company in India
What was a rumor that made the sepoys furious? Bullet cartridges were greased with pork and beef fat - both forbidden to Hinus and Muslims
Britain took over India after ___? Sepoy Mutiny
Britain had a huge influence in what Asian country? China
What phrase means that people can't be taxed unless they are represented in the government? No taxation without representation
What enlightenment thinker's ideas influenced the American Revolution? Locke
Locke said if you don't like your government, you should _________ it. Overthrow
What was 90% of the population of in Haiti before the revolution? Slaves
What country controlled Haiti before the revolution? France
1. What were the Three Estates and what percentage of the population was each? 1st .5%, 2nd 1.5%, 3rd 98%
2. The Third Estate wanted a national ________________ where all people will be equal. When they went to vote on it, they were locked out so they met on a __________________. Constitution, Tennis Court
3. The storming of what French prison was the official start to the French Revolution? Why did the Third Estate storm the prison? Bastille, to free their friends who the king put in prison
4. Who were the king of France and his wife during the French Revolution? How did they react to the problems? They did this twice. Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette fled from the palace twice
5. What does sans-culottes mean? What did the sans-culottes do to the king? What did they use to do it? (book example) Without fancy pants, they had the king beheaded with the guillotine
6. Marat was a supporter for the _____________. Charlotte ___________ killed him while he was in an ________________ bath because she thought the king was so awesome. (book example) Revolution, Corday, oatmeal
7. What was the Reign of Terror? Who was in charge of it? Give an example from either Nantes or Lyon. It was a time of the revolutionaries killing all their dissenters, it was led by Robespierre that burned a ship of dissenters in Nantes
8. What did Robespierre do in France in regards to religion? Give an example of what he did. He banned religion in France and renamed the churches temples of reason
9. What is nationalism? Why was the French revolutionary army a good example of nationalism? Love for your country not one specific leader. They fought for their own freedom.
10. Who voted to have Robespierre killed? What was the name of that new government? The directory, which was a weak government of 5 people that lasted about a year
11. Who committed a coup detat on the new government? What is a coup detat? Napoleon committed a coup detat which means a quick overthrow of a government
12. How much power did Napoleon have in the new French government? Total power. He called himself the emperor.
13. Describe the Napoleonic Code. How did it treat women? It was a civil code of laws that gave everyone rights in France but women.
14. Which modern day countries did Napoleon’s empire control all or part of? Which important European country didn’t get taken over thanks to their strong navy? Almost all of Europe except England and RUS
15. Why did nationalism grow under Napoleon? He either made Frenchmen proud of France’s power or the people he took over felt united to fight back against him.
16. Napoleon brought 600,000 troops to ____________. Their enemies retreated and _______ it’s own cities in the process so the French army would not have supplies. In the end, Napoleon retreated and ended up with only ____________ soldiers left. Russia, burned, 40,000
After his huge defeat, Nap was fired and sent to the island of __ which is off the coast of ____. Then, he escaped, came back and reassembled his ___, only to get pwnd by the Prussians in _____, Belgium. After that, France sent him to ________ Elba, Italy, army, Waterloo, St. Helena
1. Give three reasons for European countries starting to imperialize. Resources like rubber, oil, silk Market to sell stuff they made Growth of power and control (EUR was competing w/ each other)
4. Which two countries fought over Vietnam? Who won? France v. England. France wins (call it French Indochina)
5. What countries made up French Indochina? Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos
6. What is the only country that stayed independent in Southeast Asia? How did it stay free? Thailand – 2 kings Mongkut and Chulalongkorn negotiated w/ FR and ENG to stay free and become a buffer zone
11. What do the Berlin Conference and a pie have in common? Everyone gets a slice. “Berlin Pizza”
14. What are the only two countries in Africa that stay independent during African colonization? Liberia b/c US set it up for freed slaves from Civil War Ethiopia – beat back the Italians with sticks and stones
15. What happened in the Sepoy Mutiny? How did it change England’s rule in India? Sepoys are Indian soldiers protecting English Viceroys (Governors) in India. The Sepoys are treated bad. There is a rumor that they are using bullets greased in cow and pig fat. They revolt, kill many, but are defeated and ENG takes control of all of IND
16. What was the first free country in Latin America and the first successful slave revolt in history? Haiti. Overthrew French b/c Nappy was screwing up Europe and not paying attention.
17. How did Napoleon’s actions in Europe affect revolutions in Latin America? (p. 454) Focused on Europe, doesn’t send enough troops to hold back revs.
Which dynasty overthrew the Mongols in China? Ming: the most organized and strongest dynasty ever in CHN
What was the name of the new capital of the Ming? Beijing (north capital)
Which dynasty took over after the Ming? What were their people called? Qing (CHING). Manchu ppl from around Korea. Outsiders w/ shaved heads and ponytails.
How would you describe China’s interaction with other countries through trade? Thought their stuff was better. Trading was a favor they did for others. Stingy, isolated, snobby.
Name two reasons China didn’t become a Commercial Capitalist country like Europe. (There are three) Trade was control of gov. ppl were less independent. Looked down on merchants.
Chinese society is organized around the _____________. Family. Its more important the individual.
What was the name of the Chinese city within a city where only nobles could go? Imperial (Forbidden City) in Beijing.
2. What happened in the Opium Wars? Who won? What were the results? ENG used IND to grow opium (drug). Sold it to CHN b/c CHN wouldn't buy anything from ENG. Wanted CHN silver. CHN gov says no, loses wars w/ ENG.
3. What are three things that come from the treaty of Nanjing? Treaty = to end Opium Wars ENG gets money, control of 5 port cities (including HK), extraterritoriality
4. Why did the Tai Ping Rebellion happen? What kind of country did they want? Peasants rose up for land and food. Led by Hong Xiuquan (Jesus’ lil’ brother). Wanted a Free, Christian communist country.
5. How many people died in the Tai Ping Rebellion? How long did it last? 20 million over 14 years. Only ended when West stepped in. West got even more influence by helping.
8. Who were the boxers in the Boxer Rebellion? What did they do? How were they stopped? “Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists”. Buddhists monks/boxers who hated foreigners. = killed them (roaming the countryside) Took 5 countries to stop them
9. What problem did Sun Yat-Sen and the nationalists have with foreigners in China? Thought CHN was too good to interact w/ foreigners, especially to lose to them. Saw Qing as weak.
12. What were two reasons Perry went to Japan for the first time? To open trade between JPN and US. B/c US sailors were mistreated by JPN after they wrecked.
13. What was the Meiji Restoration? MAY-GEE. JPN start of Industrial Revolution. Started by Perry.
15. During the Meiji Restoration, how did Japan’s education, military and women’s rights policies change? Education = modern and universal Military = stronger and moderner Women = more rights
16. When Japan starts to imperialize, what areas does it take? All of Korea, parts of Russia, China and Mongolia
What Asian country remained independent because of their AWESOME kings? Thailand
Thailand was a buffer (middle ground) free zone between what? Between British Burma and French Indochina
Why did USA want Phillipines? Prevents Japanfrom having a naval base over here; US colony now; moral obligation to help poor yellow brothers
What happened in the Spanish Ameican War of 1898? Americans and Natives overthrew Spanish; USA annexation of Phillipines
What is social darwinism? The people who are most technologically and culturally advanced should coquer other people
What does the sun never sets on the British Empire mean? Britian had so many colonies that the sun actually never set on the entre british empire.
What caused imperialism:? Need for raw materials, and markets for goods
What is the White Man's Burden? A poem about how it is the job of the white people to civilize and christianize the savage non-whites.
In Social Darwinism, why is it okay to enslave black people and take resources away from people who aren't white? They're not fully evolved people. They are below whites.
Created by: rockcastle