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Stack #176820

IT-331 Microsoft Project 1 Terms

Budget Amount of money slated to finance the project.
Constraint A condition you cannot overlook or ignore for a task's completion
Default A setting uses unless you specify otherwise
Duration Length of time needed for task completion as well as the completion of the overall project.
Entry Bar A bar that displays the contents of the current field.
Entry Table The default task table.
Field Columns that represent a category of information.
Formatting Toolbar Provides shortcuts to frequently used commands for changing the appearance of field contents.
Gantt bar Represents each task in the timeline.
Gantt chart A project management tool that can be used to represent the timing of tasks required to finish a project.
Gantt Chart view Contains the task table and the Gantt chart for a project file.
Indicator column The first column in the Gantt chart that has a letter i within a blue circle as the column header.
Menu bar Contains common menu names that, when activated, display a list of related commands.
Milestone A task that marks the completion of one or more task, yet has no duration of its own.
Project A self-contained group of tasks performed to achieve a specific objective.
Project Guide A toolbar that provides wizards in 4 different areas: Task creation, resource assignment, task tracking, and project reporting.
Project Manager One who oversees all stages of a project plan.
Resource Anything needed to complete a task
Scope Encompasses the performance expectations of the project.
Scrollbar Enables you to move the project window vertically or horizontally so you can see other parts of the work area.
Scrollbox An object within a vertical or horizontal scrollbar so you can see other parts of the work area.
side pane An overall project guide that appears to the left side of the Project Window when you click the correspondng button on the Project Guide Toolbar.
stakeholders Key players
Standard toolbar Provides shortcuts to common tasks including Save, Print, Cut/Paste(Move), and Copy/Paste.
Status bar Provides information about current actions or settings.
Subtask Mini-tasks indented below a summary task.
Summary task A task that consists of additional tasks called subtasks indented and listed below it.
Task ID The number of the row the task is on.
Task Links Indicating when the start or finish of one task depends upon the start or completion of another task.
Task pane Provides quick access to related tasks.
Task table A list of tasks.
tasks Specific activities that have a start date, duration and completion date.
Template A model providing generic tasks and resources.
Time constraint The deadline of the overall project plan as well as how much time each individual task requires.
Timeline The graph area of a Gantt chart.
Timescale The time period legend appearing across the top of the Gantt chart.
Title bar Displays the name of the software and the name of the active project.
Toolbar A set of buttons
Created by: mikeatkinson