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Bulldogs Energy

Thermal Energy/Sources Study Guide

This is the ability to do work Energy
Stored energy Potential
Thermal Heat
Molecules in hot items move Fast
Molecules in cold items move Slow
kinetic measurement of thermal energy Temperature /degrees
32 degrees is this scale for freezing fahrenheit
100 degrees is this scale for boiling Celsius
This prevents the transfer of heat energy Insulator
Transfer of thermal energy object to object Conduction
Transfer of thermal energy by electromagnetic waves Radiation
Convection Energy transferred through gases/liquids
Decaying plants/animals, heat and pressure, and oh say several 100 million years , and you get ... Fossil Fuels
This will convert kinetic energy from the wind into electrical power Turbine
This fossil fuel is mostly carbon formed into sedimentary rock Coal
This is caused by huge convection currents in the Earth's atmosphere Wind
Warm air rises because it is less______________than cold air Dense
Heat from laying in the sun at the beach is Radiation
Plants and animal waste used to produce energy Biomass
Sea and land breezes are examples of Convection
Using an electric blanket is an example of Conduction
Radiation is the transfer of energy by Electromagnetic waves
A ball rolling is an example of this energy kinetic
The metric system is based on the number Ten and its multiples
Using Celsius, water boils at 100 degrees
Name two insulators plastic, wood
Name two renewable energy sources hydro power, solar
Name two non-renewable energy sources natural gas , oil
These energy sources cause pollution Non-renewable
These energy sources are not always reliable Renewable
Ms. P's dogs are named Patriot and Scout
Renewable energy sources are also called Green energy
Energy is the ability to do work
True or false -Propane is a renewable energy source False (non-renewable)
True or false -Water freezes at 0 degrees celcius True
True or false -Hydro power is wind power False (water power)
burning your hand on a hot pot is a good if painful example of Conduction
This is an example of convection, geothermal energy, and cool to see Geyser
A hot air corn popper is a good example of this at work Convection
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