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LPA Maths y8t4 H

LPA Maths year 8 term 4 H

Linear a straight line graph
Gradient steepness of a graph
Axes/Axis the x and y lines on a graph
Graph a diagram that represents an equation
Coordinate a single point on a graph grid
Equation two expressions linked with an equals sign to show that they are of the same value
Straight line a linear graph
Origin the centre of a graph grid (0,0)
Intercept Where the line crosses the axes
Rule used to generate a sequence
Metre basic unit of length
Millimetre ten of these to one centimetre
Kilometre 1000metres
Tonne 1000kg
Ounce 28g(imperial measurement)
Litre 1000ml (unit of capacity)
Millilitre small unit of capacity
Gallon imperial measure of capacity (4.5L)
Mile imperial unit of length(1.6km)
Kilogram 1000g
Solve Find the variable in an equation
Balance Keep equations the same value
Inverse the opposite function
Variable the unknown number in an equation
Perimeter the length round a shape
Area space inside a shape measured in square units
Volume the space in a 3 D shape
Perpendicular height at 90 degrees
Rectangle Quadrilateral, two pairs of parallel sides. All angles 90 degrees.
Created by: adixonlpa