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LPA Maths Yr8T6 - L

LPA Maths Vocab Year 8 Term 6 - Lower

Volume amount of space occupied by an object
3 Dimensions Length, Width and Height of a solid object
Cube 3D shape with all sides equal and all angles equal
Cube 3D shapes made up of rectangles and squares, all angles are 90 degrees
Sphere 3D Circle
Prism 3D shape with the same cross sectional area
Pyramid 3D shape with sides coming to a point above centre of base
Tetrahedron 3D shape made from 4 equilateral triangles
Cylinder 3D tube
Cone Circular Pyramid
Radius Distance from centre to edge in a circle
Diameter Distance from edge to edge, through the centre of a circle
Circumference Distance around the edge of a circle
Chord Line through a circle, not going through the centre
Tangent Line that touches the edge of a circle
Sector Portion of a circle from the centre
Segment part of a circle one edge of which is a chord
Circle Set of points equidistance from centre point
Arc Part of the circumference
Tessellate Shapes that fit together with no gaps
Interest Money paid on savings or to borrowing
Profit Money made over the cost of an item
Loss Money lost under the cost of an item
Taxation What the Government takes from pay or profits
Value Added Tax Sales tax on goods
Bisect cut something in half
Equidistant same length from a point
Justify Explain why
Prove Show something is true
Interrogate Ask questions
Created by: hjtyrrell