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LPA Maths Y8T2H

LPA Maths Year 8 Term 2 Higher word list

Symmetry One half is a mirror image of the other half
Rotation Turning a shape
Reflection A mirror view
Translation Sliding a shape without turning it
Enlargement Resizing a shape
Congruent Has the same shape and size
Similar Has the same shape but a different size
Object The original shape
Image New shape after the transformation
Transformation Changing a shape
Recurring decimal A decimal which has a repeated pattern of digits
Terminating decimal A decimal that stops
Tenth One part out of ten equal parts
Hundredth One part out of hundred equal parts
Thousandth One part out of thousand equal parts
Accuracy How close it is to the real answer
Estimate A calculated guess
Round Make a number less accurate
Decimal place Dot separating the whole number part from the decimal part
Significant figure Most important digit in a number
Expression Number, letters and symbols grouped together
Equation States two things are equal
Formula A rule written using symbols and letters
Evaluate Work out or calculate
Simplify Gather like terms
Squared Multiplied a number with itself
Substitute Swap a letter with a number
Inverse Opposite calculation
Expand Multiply out brackets
Linear An equation with only one answer
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