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ks3 chem reactions

What is the equation for the combustion of Methane? Methane + Oxygen --> Carbon Dioxide + Water
What are the products formed during the combustion of Methane? Carbon Dioxide + Water
What are the products in this reaction “copper sulfate + magnesium --> magnesium sulphate + copper”? magnesium sulphate + copper
What is the equation for the reaction between copper sulfate and magnesium? copper sulfate + magnesium --> magnesium sulphate + copper
What type of reaction is Methane + Oxygen --> Carbon Dioxide + Water? Oxidation
What type of reaction is rusting (Iron + Oxygen --> Iron Oxide)? Oxidation
What type of reaction is Magnesium + Oxygen --> Magnesium Oxide? Oxidation
What gas is formed when Sodium Carbonate reacts with an Acid? Carbon Dioxide
What gas is produced when a metal reacts with an acid? Hydrogen
What type of reaction is this reaction: Copper Carbonate --> Copper Oxide + Carbon Dioxide? Thermal decomposition (because it is ONE reactant but TWO products)
What type of reaction is this reaction: Calcium Hydroxide + Nitric Acid--> Calcium Nitrate + Water? Neutralisation (because it is about an acid)
What is the difference between the mass of the reactants and the mass of the products during a chemical reaction? It stays the same
Why does the mass seems to decrease during the reaction between Sodium Carbonate and Nitric Acid? Because a gas is made (Carbon Dioxide) and the gas escapes
Why does the mass seem to increase when you burn Magnesium? because you forgot to weigh the Oxygen at the start
What is the test for Carbon Dioxide? Limewater will turn milky/cloudy
What is the test for Oxygen? it will relight a glowing splint
What is the test for Water? Cobalt chloride from blue to pink
How do you know a chemical change is happening? Fizzing, colour change, temperature change
What is the formula for Hydrochloric Acid? HCl
What is the gas that relights a glowing splint? Oxygen
What is the gas turns Limewater milky/cloudy? Carbon Dioxide
magnesium burns brightly in air. A white powder was formed.What is the name of the powder? Magnesium Oxide (did you try to write the word equation? Magnesium + Oxygen --> Magnesium Oxide)
A reaction takes place between the iron and the copper sulphate. Describe one change you would see on the surface of the nail. The nail would get covered in orange copper (did you try to write the word equation? iron + copper sulfate --> iron sulphate + copper)
Nitric acid reacts with sodium carbonate. The salt formed is a nitrate. Fill in the gaps to complete the word equation: Sodium Carbonate + _____________ --> _________________ + Carbon Dioxide + Water Sodium Carbonate + Nitric Acid--> Sodium Nitrate + Water + Carbon Dioxide
some copper carbonate is heated in a crucible. The mass of the crucible and the Copper Carbonate is 51.84g before heating and 50.20g after heating. How much carbon Dioxide is lost? 51.84-50.20=1.64g
Give the two products formed by the reaction which occurs when zinc is placed into a solution of copper sulphate Zinc Sulfate and Copper (did you try to write the word equation? Zinc + Copper Sulfate --> Zinc Sulfate + Copper)
When calcium hydroxide reacts with sulphuric acid a calcium salt is formed. What is the name of this salt? Calcium Sulfate
When magnesium reacts with hydrochloric acid a salt is formed. What is the name of this salt? Magnesium Chloride
Use the equation to explain why a fizz is observed: magnesium + hydrochloric  magnesium chloride + hydrogen Hydrogen is a gas
Calcium nitrate can be made from the reaction between calcium hydroxide and an acid. Complete the word equation for the reaction. Calcium Hydroxide + _________________ --> Calcium Nitrate + _______________ Calcium Hydroxide + Nitric Acid --> Calcium Nitrate + Water
What is the test for Hydrogen gas? Hydrogen gas POPS when burned
Created by: UrsulineChem