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Science 8 U3L2

Light always travels... In straight lines
When light goes through an substance, it is called... transparent
When light partly goes through an substance, it is called... Translucent
When light does not go through an substance, it is called... Opaque
The smoother the surface is... The more light reflects off of its surface
Rough surfaces don't reflect as much light because... The light goes all over the place and a lot of it does not reach out eyes
When an substance bounced light off it, it is called... Reflection
When a substance changed the direction of light, it is called... Refraction
Light is... A particle of energy that travels at a certain wavelength that is visible to the human eye.
What is the Law of Reflection? No matter how shiny a surface is, the incident angle of reflection is always equal to the angle of the direct rays that hit the surface.
Light reflects from the ________ of objects. Surface
The light rays that hit its surface are called _________ ____. Incident Rays
The rays that bounce off its surface are called the __________ ____. Reflected Rays
What is a mirror? Pieces of glass that have a shiny, silver metal foil glued to the back.
How does a mirror work? Light rays pass through the transparent glass, strike the silver backing and reflect out towards the front again.
How is the image on a mirror formed? Formed by the light rays bouncing off the object, reflecting off the mirror and entering your eyes.
How many types of mirrors are there? Three
What is a plain/flat mirror? Mirror where the angle of the reflected rays is equal to the angle of the incident rays.
What is a concave mirror? Curved with the incident rays hissing the mirror on the inside of the curved glass and reflected rays all coming to a point.
What is a convex mirror? Curved, but the incoming incident rays hit the glass on the outside of the curve and the reflected rays then spread outward.
What is convergence? When reflected ray all come to a point
What is divergence? When all light rays spread outward.
law of reflection the angle of reflection is always the same as the angle of incidence
Pythagoras believed That light was beams came from a person's eyes straight lines and that sight occurred when the beams touched objects
Newton showed that white light is actually a mixture of different colours of light
Albert A. Michelson found that the speed of light is 299,798 km/s
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