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Vocabulary Practice2

Double-Meaning Words

I will ________ my finances. I was assigned the new Hall Pass ________ at my school. MONITOR
I _____ the school band during the 4th of July parade. I always look for the most _____ route home when I leave work early. DIRECT
I rarely ______ outside when the temperature dips into the teens. My cousin Vinny decided to share with us his new business _____ while we waited for our car to be washed. VENTURE
After much debate on what tool to use, Steve said to use a ____ to fix the sink. Clarisse couldn't finish the recipe ingredients until she was able to _____ the lid off the jar. WRENCH
I wrote one more ______ of music before the Christmas break was over. I don't know who ate the last ____ of pizza, but it made me mad. PIECE
My grandmother who is now 98 is _____ of me for her care. Unfortunately I don't have a _______ to claim on my taxes as a deduction. DEPENDANT
I love to ___ birds in the Park's Aviary. Arizona is known for furniture, such as tables, to have a ____ of dirt on them due to sand storms. FILM
I ____ 100% responsibility for the accident. I ____ you know that Tom and Jerry hate each other. ASSUME
My mental ____ gets foggy when I take migraine medication. The college's ____ and staff are onboard with the new changes. FACULTY
I ____ playing with my dog Kenny early in the morning since he's moody and uncooperative. I love my new plaid ___ that my grandmother got me as a gift. SKIRT
I ____ volunteer for school functions since I love to interact with students and their families. My friend Shannon has ____ agreed to cover my class on Monday. GENEROUSLY
Created by: SLCC SAT



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