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Atom building blocks of mater
valence electrons in the outer most shell
Proton positive charged particle found in nucleus
Atomic mass number of protons and neutrons
atomic number number of protons and electrons
Nucleus center of atom consists of protons and nutrons
Gluons make quarks stick together
Bohr Diagram map of electrons
Periodic table table that shows the elements
energy level levels that electrons are on
lewis strocture chart that shows the valence electrons
isatope aton with extra electrons
electrons negative partivles made of leptons in atom
nutron paticle in atom with no charge
quark particle in atom that is glued together by gluons to make protons and nutrons
matter the stuff that makes up everything
leptons particle that makes up electrons
chemical symble sign that shows what an element is
Peirod rows in periodic table
family group of elements
metal elements that conduct electricity and heat well also they are maluable
metaliod a cross between a metal and a non-metal
non-metal do not conduct electricity and heat are britle
compound mixture with ionic bonds also can not be broken apart
mixure mixture without ionic bonds and can be seperated
chemical property property of substace you haave to change it to see
phisical property property you can see without changing the substance
chemical change change of a substance that can not be reversed or you can not salvige the leftover of that experiment and get the same subtance back
Phisical change change of a substance to where it is not chemicaly broke down ex:erotion
monomers a molicule that can link in a longe chaai
polymers a chain of monomers that form a substance
petrochemicals substances that are oil based products
Ion an atom with a loss or gain of an electron
Ionic bond Abond between atoms where one atom loses an electon to fill up an other atomes valence circle then they are bonded
convolent bond a bond between atoms where they share an electron
Reactant Part of chem reaction
Chemical reaction When two or more substances react to each other and made a new substance
Chemical equation A chemical reaction writen down with chemical sybles
Product the result of the chem. reaction
reaction rate the speed of how long it take for chem. reaction to happen
conservation of mass law that states matter can not be created or destroyed
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