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Operations Review

Number Operations Review Word Problems

1. A tailor sews 6,452 shirts to donate. But 118 of the shirts had defects so she couldn't use them. She donated the rest of the shirts to 8 different charities. How many good shirts were left over? She will have 6 good shirts left over after she donates to the charities.
2. Mrs. Catron has 244 paper clips. She then orders 13 boxes of paperclips. If there are 120 paperclips in each box, how many paperclips does she have all together? Mrs. Catron now has 1,804 paperclips in all.
3. Sara buys 58 packages of pencils. Each package has 24 pencils. How many pencils does Sara buy in all? Sara buys 1,392 pencils in all.
4. (Use information from #3 to answer this question) If Sarah divides the pencils equally into 6 boxes, how many pencils will be in each box? There will be 232 pencils in each box.
5. Mr. Taylor put books into two boxes. The first box has 1,650 books in it. The second box has three times as many books as the first box has. How many books does he have in all? Mr. Taylor has 6,600 books in all.
6. Mr. Mike buys 24 boxes of apples for snack. Each box contains 52 apples. How many apples does he have in all? Mr. Mike has 1,248 boxes.
7. (Use information from #6 to answer this question) Mr. Mike puts the apples into baskets. If he puts 5 apples into each basket, how many baskets does he need for all of the apples? Mr. Mike will need 250 baskets for all of the apples.
8. Alison has $535 in her bank account at the beginning of the year. She earns $8,245 every pay check. How much money will she have in her bank account after she gets 7 pay checks? Alison will have $58,250 in her bank account.
Created by: HarrTeacher