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Math Voca

Math Vocab-Mrs. Kranau

acute angle an angle that measures less than 90 degrees
addition the operation used to combine; inverse operation of subtraction
area l x w; length times width
bar graph a graph that shows data; compares data
circle a 2D shape made from a single curved line; 360 degrees
cone a 3D figure shaped like a party hat
denominator the number of equal parts in a fraction; bottom number of a fraction
difference the answer to a subtraction problem
dividend the number that is being split in a division problem
division the operation that splits things into equal groups
divisor the number of groups you are making while dividing
edge where two faces meet on a 3D figure
equilateral lines of the same length
equivalent equal to
face 2D shapes that make up the surfaces of a 3D figure
factors numbers you multiply to get a product
fraction part of a whole; could have a proper one or improper one
greater than >
hexagon 6-sided figure
isosceles triangle a triangle with 3 angles less than 90 degrees but also have only 2 congruent sides
less than <
line symmetry a shape has this if it is congruent on both sides
multiplication the operation where you combine groups; inverse of division
numerator the number of shaded parts in a fraction; top number of a fraction
obtuse angle angle measuring more than 90 degrees
octagon 8-sided figure
parallel two lines that are always an equal distant apart
parallelogram shape with 2 sets of parallel lines and no right angles
pentagon 5-sided figure
perimeter the distance around a shape
perpendicular intersecting to form at least one 90 degree angle
polygon a closed figure with three or more straight sides
probability the likelihood something will happen
product the answer to a multiplication answer
pyramid 3D figure named by its base and triangular faces
quadrilateral any 4-sided polygon
quotient the answer to a division problem
ray half of a line, starts at one point and goes on forever; it has only one end point
rectangle quadrilateral with two sets of parallel, equilateral sides, and 4 right angles
reflection transformation flip
remainder what is left over after you make even groups dividing
rhombus quadrilateral with 4 equilateral sides with no right angles
right angle an angle measuring 90 degrees
rotation transformation turn
sphere 3D object with all points equidistant from the center
subtraction operation where you separate; inverse operation of addition
sum answer to an addition problem
translation transformation slide
Created by: ypkranau