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Division Challenge!!

Division Challenge!

There are 344 students in Lexington who are going to Washington D.C. If teachers are driving the students in cars that fit 4 students. How many cars are needed to get all 353 students to Washington D.C. ? The teachers will need 86 cars to take all students to Washington D.C.
A factory made 2,285 tea candles to be shipped to 8 different stores. Each store will receive the same number of candles with some left over. How many candles will each store receive? Each store will receive 285 candles with 5 candles left over.
Cheyenne has 250 inch roll of ribbon. She needs to cut as many 9 inch pieces as she can from the roll. How many 9 inch pieces can Nellie cut? Nellie can cut 243 pieces of ribbon.
A camp needs to buy 3,950 granola bars for their campers. If each box contains 5 granola bars, how many boxes should the camp buy? The camp needs to buy 790 boxes of granola bars.
Travion wants to purchase 6,230 green marbles. If there are 7 green marbles in each bag, how many bags of marbles should Travion buy? Travion needs to buy 890 marbles.
The Webb Furniture company needs to ship 4,499 couches across the country. If they can fit 6 couches in each truck, how may trucks does the company need? The Webb Furniture Company needs 750 trucks.
Kevin was at an amusement park and has 3,633 tickets. Each ride on the roller coaster costs 3 tickets. How many times can he ride the roller coaster? Kevin can ride the roller coaster 1,211 times.
1,431 people need to ride the elevator to the top of a skyscraper. The elevator can hold 5 people at a time. How many people will be in the elevator on the last trip to the top? There will be 1 person riding on the last elevator trip.
There are 8,324 4th graders going on a boat tour. If each boat holds 9 people, how many boats are needed for all the 4th graders to go on the boat tour? The 4th graders will need 924 boats.
A farmer wants to plant 4,190 tomato plants. If he puts 7 plants in each full row, how many tomato plants will be in the last partially filled row? There will be 4 tomato plants in the last row.
At Kings Island, a group of 7,281 people want to ride the "Diamondback" roller coaster. If the roller coaster cart holds 4 people, how many carts are needed for the entire group? The group needs 1,821 carts for the entire group.
Mrs. Franks has 5,892 gold stickers and wants to give an equal number to each of the classrooms. If there are 8 classrooms, how many stickers will Mrs. Franks have left over? Mrs. Franks has 4 gold stickers left over.
Henry paints pictures and sells them. He charged $351 for a small painting and $837 for a large painting. If he sold 3 large paintings and 4 small paintings, how much money did Henry earn in all? Henry earns $3,915 in all.
Arianna is helping put away books in the library. There are 8,390 books but Ms. Turner takes 18 away. If she can place 7 books on a shelf, how many shelves does Arianna need? Arianna will need 1,196 shelves to put away all the books.
All elementary schools have an academic team, there are 581 girls and 391 boys on the teams. If they were split into groups of 6, how many groups could they make? The team could be split into 162 groups.
Created by: HarrTeacher