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Physics 30 Unit 2

Coulomb's Law The magnitude of electric force between two points/charges.
Electric Charge A property that determines electrical behaviour, force exerted, and force experienced.
Charge of Proton Positive (+)
Charge of Electron Negative (-)
Law of Charges Like charges repel; Opposite charges attract
Conductor A material that can transmit electric charges.
Electrostatic Charging The changing or passing on of charge via friction, contact, induction, or polarisation.
Electric Lines of Force Imaginary lines formed by connecting electric field vectors at many points. Magnitude indicated by direction and proximity. Originate from positive charges and terminate at negative charges.
In a uniform magnetic field, a particle who's initial veloticy is perpendicular to the field moves in what way? A circular motion.
Formula: Magnetic force on current carrying wire. F=IlB Force = Current*Length of Wire*Magnetic Field Strength
Left-Hand Rule Point your fingers from North (Base of hand) to South (Fingertips). Point thumb in direction of particle. Palm indicates direction of magnetic field. Adjust as needed.
Magnetic field between two wires? 0
Magnitude of Electron's Charge? e = 1.60e-19 C
Formula: Coulomb's Law Fe = (kq1q2)/r^2
Formula: Electric Field E = F/q
Coulomb's Constant k = 8.99e9N*m^2/C^2
Charge positively? By removing electrons.
Charge negatively? By adding electrons.
Unlike charges ____ each other attract
Like charges ____ each other repel
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