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What products did New York produce? cattle, grain, rum, fish, iron, lumber
what products did new jersey produce? cattle, grain, iron, fish
what products did pennsylvania produce? cattle, grain, iron, rum, lumber
what products did delaware produce? fish
who owned new york at first? the dutch
who got new york after the dutch? the english
how did the english get new york? the dutch gave them to the english without a fight because they didn't care who ruled as long as they made money
slavery in ny very common
what was another name for the middle colonies? the breadbasket colonies because they sold wheat barley and rye
what did artisans make? hardware, clocks, watches, locks, guns, flints, glass, stoneware, nails, and paper
who did the Duke of York give some land to? LORD BERKELEY AND SIR GEORGE CARTERET
proprietary colony english colony in which the king gave land to proprietors in exchange for a yearly payment
when did new jersey become a proprietary colony? 1664
what is a royal colony? a colony under the direct control of the english crown
when did new jersey become a royal colony? 1702
patroons owner of a huge estate in a dutch colony
why were colonists attracted to new amsterdam? freedom of religioans
who did king Charles II give new netherland to? his big boi duke of york
why did people come to the colonies? most came to trade furs
who was william penn? he found pennsylvania and spoke out for fair treatment of Native Americans
when did william penn find pennsylvania? 1681
quakers most despised religious group in england
what did the quakers believe in? they believed that all people were equal in God's sight
what did penn want his colony to be? wanted his colony to be a model of religious freedom, peace, and christian living
who came to pennsylvania to escape persecution? protestants, catholics, and jews
pennsylvania dutch german speaking protestants living in pennsylvania
who were brought to pennsylvania? AFRICAN SLAVES
what fraction did african slavse make up in all immigrants between 1730 and 1750? 1/3
What was the capital city of pennsylvania? philadelphia
for a time pennsylvania included some langs along the lower delaware river, what was this known as? pennsylvania's lower counties
when did penn allow citizens to elect their own assembly? 1701
when did the lower counties break away to form delaware? 1704
cash crops crops that are sold for money at the market
What animals did farmers of the Middle colonies raise? SWAG CATTLE AND PIGS OINK
what did german settlers develop to heat their homes german settlers developed wood burning stoves that heated homes
THIS HAS NO QUESTION SO JUST REMEMBER THE FACT everything needed for survival was made at home
who introduced log cabins? SWEDISH (POODS) SETTLERS
what did the dutch use to build their homes? RED bricks
backcountry the area of land along the eastern slopes of the appalachian mountaints
great wagon road an old Iroquois trail that settlers followed
how did settlers farm in the backcountry? THEY CLEARED THE THICK FORESTS
what did settlers learn from the indians? they learned how to use knots from pine trees as candles to light their homes
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