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Renewable Energy


What is wind power? involves putting lots of wind turbines in exposed places e.g. coasts. each turbine has its own generator inside it , the electricity is generated directly from the wind turning the blades which turn the generator
what are advantages of wind power? - no pollution - no permanent damage to the landscape - no fuel costs
what are the disadvantages of wind power? - spoil the view (you need 1500 wind turbines) - very noisy - no power when the wind stops - initial cost is expensive
what are solar cells/panels? they generate electric currents directly from sunlight
What are advantages of solar panels? - no pollution - reliable source in sunny countries - no running costs
what are disadvantages of solar panels? - not a reliable source in cloudy countries - only work in the daytime - initial costs are high
what is hydroelectric power? uses falling rainwater and allowed through turbines
what are advantages of hydroelectric power? - no fuel costs - reliable especially in great Britain - can provide an immediate response to an increased demand for electricty
what are the disadvantages of hydroelectric power? - requires flooding of a valley by building a big dam - loss of habitat for some species - very unsightly - initial costs are high
what is pumped storage? spare night time electricity is used to pump water up to a higher reservoir this then can be quickly released during periods of high demand. a way of storing energy which has already been generated
what is wave power? lots of wave powered turbines around the coast. as waves come in to the shore they provide and up and down motion which can be used to drive a generator
what are advantages of wave power? - no pollution - fairly reliable - no fuel costs
what are the disadvantages of wave power? - spoil the view - hazard to boats - initial costs are high
what are tidal barrages? big dams built across river estuaries with turbines in them. as the tide comes in it fills up the estuary and drives the turbines.
what are the advantages of tidal barrages? - no pollution - fairly reliable good at storing energy ready for periods of high demand - no fuel costs
what are the disadvantages of tidal barrages? - spoil the view - initial costs are high - alter the habitat of wildlife
what is geothermal power? heat from underground, only possible in volcanic areas. steam and hot water rise to the surface and are used to drive a generator
what are advantages of geothermal power? - no environmental problems
what are disadvantages of geothermal power? - aren't many suitable locations - cost is high
what are bio fuels? made from plants and waste, they are burnt to heat up water
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