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Energy Efficency

in the home

what is the equation for payback time? initial cost/annual saving
what are the most effective methods of insulation? the ones that give you the biggest annual saving
what is payback time? the time it takes for the money you have saved on heating bills equals the initial cost of the insulation
what is cavity wall insulation? foam squirted into the gap between the bricks stops convection currents and radiation across the gap
what is loft insulation? a thick layer of fibreglass wool laid out across the whole lost floor reduced conduction and radiation into the roof space from the ceiling
what is draught proofing? strips of foam and plastic around doors and windows. reduce heat loss due to convection
what is a hot water tank jacket? lagging such as fibreglass wool that reduces conduction and radiation
what do thick curtain do? reduce heat loss by conduction and radiation
what are U-Values? they show how fast heat can transfer through a material
does heat transfer faster with higher u-values or materials with low u-values? higher u-values
so the better the insulator... the lower the u-value
Created by: rv1