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aburrido boring, bored
alto tall
amable friendly
amarillo yellow
anaranjado orange
antiguo old
arrogante arrogant
artistico atrtistic
atlético athletic
bajo short
barato inexpensive
blanco white
bonita, guapa, bella, linda pretty, attractive
bueno good
caro expensive
chistoso, gracioso, cómico funny
(in)cómodo (un)comfortable
delgado, flaco thin
diferente different
difícil difficult
divertido fun
elegante elegant
estricto strict
estúpido stupid
excelente excellent
fácil easy
favorito favorite
feo ugly
fuerte strong, loud
generoso generous
gordo fat
grande large, big
gris gray
guapo handsome, attractive
horrible horrible
impaciente impatient
increíble incredible
independiente independent
inteligente intelligent
interesante interesting
joven young
limpio clean
malo bad
marrón brown
morado purple
moreno dark, dark-complexion, brunette
mucho a lot
muchos many
negro black
nervioso nervous
nuevo new
oro gold
otro other
paciente patient
pequeño small
perezoso lazy
plata silver
pobre poor
poco few, little (bit)
popular popular
rojo red
romántico romantic
rosado pink
serio serious
simpático nice
sociable sociable
suave soft
sucio dirty
tímido timid, shy
todo all, every
todos all, every
verde green
viejo old
violeta purple
tonto foolish
mayor older
menor younger
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