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Pick the Operation

6th Pick the Operation

Akiko's dog has three puppies. They weigh 2.6 pounds, 2.74 pounds, and 3.1 pounds. How much more does the heaviest puppy weigh than the lightest puppy? Subtraction
Angie is making wreaths to sell at a craft show. She has 6.5 yards of ribbon. Each wreath has a bow made from 1 1/3 yards of ribbon. How many bows can she make? Division
Mrs. Doran has three grandchildren. She takes them to lunch where kids' meals are $2.95 each. How much will the three kids' meals cost? Multiplication
Loren is putting brick along both edges of the 21-meter walkway to his house. Each brick is 0.26 meters long. Loren is placing the bricks end to end. How many bricks does he need?  Division
Leah filled her gas tank at the start of a trip and noted that her odometer read 15,738.1 mi. When her odometer read 16,167.6, she needed gas again. It took 18.2 gallon of gas to fill the tank. How many miles did her car go on each gallon of gas? Subtraction and Division
Ashley eats five 5.25-ounce slices of watermelon in a contest at the picnic. How many ounces of watermelon does she eat? Multiplication
Stacey needs $39.99 for a pair of sneakers. She has $22.53 in her savings and a $15 check from babysitting. Can she buy the shoes? Addition and Subtraction
Li Ming’s allowance for transportation id $12.45. How many times can she ride the bus if it costs $0.75 a trip? Division
Ms. Difanis buys 11.6 pounds of hamburger for a cookout. How many quarter-pound (0.25) burgers can she make? Division
Ajay buys 1.7 pounds of Red Delicious apples on sale for $0.50 a pound. What is his bill? Multiplication
Kelly buys 0.4 of a pound of Granny Smith apples on sale for $0.55 a pound. What is her bill? Multiplication
Carmela signed up to clean 1.5 miles for the cross-country team. It starts to rain after she has cleaned 0.25 of a mile. How much does she have left to clean? Subtraction
Pam cleans 0.25 of a mile for the chorus and cleans another 0.375 of a mile for the math club. How much does she clean altogether? Addition
Chris, Tim, Lee, and Dwayne are running in a 4 X 100-meter relay race. Chris runs his stretch in 12.35 seconds, Tim takes 13.12 sec, and Lee takes 11.91. If the team wants to break the school record of 48.92 seconds, how fast will Dwayne have to run? Subtraction
A carpenter who is installing cabinets uses this pieces of material called shims to fill gaps. The carpenter uses four shims to fill a gap that is 1.2 cm wide. Three of shims are 0.75 cm, 0.125 cm, and 0.09 cm wide. What is the width of the fourth shim? Subtraction
Perry connects a blue garden hose and a green garden hose to make one long hose. The blue hose is 16.5 feet. The green hose is 14.75 feet. How long is the combined hose? Addition
Adita earns $9.40 per hour working at an animal shelter. How much money will she earn for 18.5 hours of work? Multiplication
A snail moves at a speed of 2.394 inches per minute. If the snail keeps moving at this rate, about how many inches will it travel in 7.489 minutes? Division
Tricia’s garden is 9.87 meters long and 1.09 meters wide. What is the area of her garden? Multiplication
Susan rode her bicycle 3.12 miles on Monday and 4.7 miles on Tuesday. How many miles did she ride in all? Addition
Created by: JEscolano