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Ch. 13 &15

Anatomically programmed radiography (APR) radiographic system that allows the radiographer to select a particular button on the control panel that represents an anatomic area; a preprogrammed set of exposure factors is displayed & selected for us
Automatic exposure control (AEC) a device that uses an ionization chamber to detect the quantity of radition exposing the patient & IR
Backup time the maximum length of time the x-ray exposure will continue when using an automatic exposure control system
Bone densitometry a specialized procedure during ionization radiation to provide info on the condition of the skeletal bones
Dedicated units radiographic units designed for specific imaging procedures
Density controls part of the automatic exposure control device that allows the radiographer to adjust the amount of present radiation detection values
Detectors radiation-measuring devices
Focal plane or object plane. the plane where the area of interest lies, at the level of the fulcrum
Fulcrum or pivot point. the fixed point during the movement of the x-ray tube, which lies within the plane of the anatomic area to be imaged
Ionization or ion chamber a hollow cell that contains air & is connected to the timer circuit via an electrical wire
Linear tomographic an imaging procedure using movement of the x-ray tube & IR in opposing directions to create images of structures in a focal plane by blurring the anatomy located above & below the plane of interest
Mammography specialized radiographic imaging procedure of the breast
mAs readout the actual amount of mAs used for an image is displayed on an automatic exposure control panel immediately after the exposure
Minimum response time - the shortest exposure time that the automatic exposure control (AEC) system can produce
Osteoporosis a bone disease in which the bones become thinner & more porous & therefore susceptible to fx’s
Panoramic x-ray (panorex) unit that is designed to image curved surfaces, typically the mandible & teeth
Photodiode a solid-state device that performs the same function as a photomultiplier tube
Photomultiplier (PM) tube an electronic device that converts visible light energy into electrical energy
Phototimer automatic exposure control detectors that use a fluorescent (light-producing) screen & a device that converts the light to electricity
Tomographic angle the angle or arc created during total movement of the x-ray tube; directly related to the amount of blur created in the image
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