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Dódhéanta (impossible) Is e an dochulacht go dtarloidh rud eigin na 0/ the probabilility of something happening is 0
Cinnte (Certain) Is e an dochulacht go dtarloidh rud eigin na 1/ the probabilility of something happening is 1
Seans cothrom/ Seans 50-50 (Even chance/ 50-50 chance) Msh. Bionn se chomh dóchúil céanna go bhfaighfí an aghaidh nó cúl nuair a chaitear bonn san aer/ There is an equal probability of getting heads or tails when a coin is thrown in the air.
An Scala Dochulachta (the probability scale) Taispeannan se duinn cen dochulacht ata ann go dtarloidh rud eigin. Teann se o 0 go dti 1./ it shows us how likely an event is to happen. It goes from 0 to 1.
Bunphrionsabal an chomhairimh (fundamental principle of counting) Ma bhionn m fothoradh feideartha ar rud amhain agus n fothoradh feideartha ar rud eile, bhionn m x n fothoradh ar an da rud. If one event has m possible outcomes and another event has n possible outcomes then the two events have m x n possible outcomes.
seansúlacht (chance) Ni bhionn a fhios ag duine ar bith cen fothoradh a bheadh ann trath ar bith/ nobody knows what the outcome will be
Fothoradh (outcome) Toradh ata feideartha nuair a deanann tu trial/ a possible result when you carry out an experiment
Chomh dóchúil lena chéile (equally likely) Seans ceanna ag gach ceann de na fothorthai/ each result has the same chance of appearing
Neamhdhóchúil (unlikely) dochulacht 25% / probabilility of 25%
Randamach/ Random Níl tú abalta an toradh a thuar/ You are unable to predict the outcome
Laofa / Biased Nuair atá fothoradh amhain níos dóchúil/ When a certain outcome is more likely
Fothoradh fabhrach/ Favourable outcome Is é seo ná an fothoradh atá ag teastáil uait/ This is the outcome that you want
Spás Samplach/ Sample space An liosta na bhfothorthaí féideartha go léir/ The list of all possible outcomes
Minicíocht ionchais/ Expected frequency Dóchúlacht x líon na dtrialacha/ probabililty x number of trials
Léaráidí Crainn/ Tree diagrams Is féidir na fothorthaí féideartha ar dhá theagmhas nó níos mó a thaispeáint lé iad seo/ The possible outcomes of two or more events can be shown using these
Dochulacht (probability) An seans go dtarloidh rud eigin. Caithfaidh sé a bheith idir 0 agus 1/ The chance that something will happen. It must be between 0 and 1.
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