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WH Exploration

What are the three reasons for European exploration? God, Glory and Gold
What does God mean in the three reasons for European exploration? The need to spread Christianity
What does Glory mean in the three reasons for European exploration? The explorers were famous for their adventures
What does Gold mean in the three reasons for European exploration? They could make huge profits from stealing gold from the lands they explored or they could sell spices for huge profits to their countries.
Which people gave compasses, astrolabes, maps and triangle sails to Europeans who used them to explore? Arabs
What country started exploring first from Europe? Portugal
What did Prince Henry the Navigator do to start European exploration? He started a school that trained explorers on how to sail on the ocean.
Where did the Portuguese explore first? The west coast of Africa. (because they were close to it)
What did the Spanish do in Mexico? They took over the Aztecs and took their gold.
Why was it so easy for the Spanish to takeover the Incas and the Aztecs? They had diseases and better weapons and horses.
Who was the last leader of the Aztecs? Montezuma
What did the Spanish do in Peru? They took over the Incas and took their gold.
Where did the Portuguese take over? Brazil
What was the Columbia Exchange? The exchange of goods, diseases and people between the old and new world and vice versa.
What was the old and new worlds? Old - Afroeurasia New - North and South America
What things came from Afroeurasia to the Americas? Slaves, diseases (smallpox), animals like horses and cows
What things came from the Americas to Afroeurasia? Crops like tomatoes, potatoes and tobacco
Which European country controlled New York before it was New York? Netherlands (Dutch)
Which European country controlled Virginia and Massachusetts? England
Which European country controlled Canada and Louisiana? France
What crop led to an influx of slaves from Afroeurasia to the Americas? Sugar
What item did Europeans trade most for slaves in Africa? Guns
Most slaves were ________ from Africa. Prisoners of War
6=Ancient civilization that flourished in present day Peru. Incas
11=A Portuguese navigator of the sixteenth century. His crew was the first to sail around the Earth, although he was killed on the voyage11 Ferdinand Magellan
13=In 1494, what papal decree divided all future discoveries between Spain and Portugal?13 Treaty of Tordesillas
61=The Treaty of Tordesillas divided all future discoveries between Spain and Portugal along a line known as what? Line of Demarcation
First European to Asia in 1400s by land Marco Polo
First to sail around the world (died in the Philippines) Magellan (his ship made it back home)
What percentage of all the slaves shipped across the Atlantic arrived in what is today the US? Around 5%
Where did most African slaves end up? Brazil and the Caribbean
Created by: rockcastle