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Chapter 5 test

Pysical Science Study Guide

Which of the following is a compound? salt
One molecule of SiO2 contains the following combination of atoms 1 Si and 2 O
Which of the following could be used to compare the size of a toms in a model? space-filling
There are strong bonds between the atoms in a piece of quartz. These bonds give quartz high melting point
The attraction between molecules tends to be ___ the attraction between ions weaker than
Which molecules are most strongly attracted to one another? water molecules
Sugar has a lower melting point than salt because it's made of molecules
Which of the following does NOT form crystal at room temperature water
Which of the following is a mixture? soil
A chemical formula shows numbers and types of atoms
Atoms sometimes form bonds to become more stable
Copper atoms are held together by___bonds metallic
Sodium has one electron in it's outer shell and chlorine has 7 electrons in it's outer shell. The stoms will form a____bond by ___their electrons. ionic,transferring
Oxygen atoms have six electrons in their outer shell. When two oxygen atoms bond, they will form a __bond by ___ their electrons. covalent,sharing
Ionic bond creates compounds with very high boiling points & positive and negative ions are formed
covalent bond creates compounds with low boiling points & usually occurs between nonmetals
metallic bond allows copper to bend and conducts electricity & formed by atoms in metals packing electrons close together
An ionic compound of calcium and chlorine would be named calcium chloride
A covalent compound made of one sulfur and two oxygen atoms would be named sulfur dioxide
An ionic compound made of copper (Cu2+)and oxygen would be named copper (II)oxide
The covalent compound N2O5 would be named dinitrogen pentoxide
Because the overall charge in a compound must be ___, the charge of iron in Fe2O3 can be calculated as 3+ 0
in the compound Tio2, titanium has a charge of 4+
The chemical formula for an ionic compound of aluminum and chlorine is AICI3
The chemical formula for an ionic compound of potassium and oxygen K2O
the ___ formula for a compound is written in the simplest whole number ratio of atoms empirical
the chemical formula C6H12O6 would be the __ formula for glucose. molecular, and chemical
all organic compound MUST contain carbon
The atoms in organic molecules are held together by covalent
the atoms of propane are held together by __ bonds. single
a chemical formula with the pattern GnH2n+2 represent a(n) alkane
Ethene differs from ethane in that it has a both (a and b) b.) double bond
an alcohol MUST contain -OH group
polypropylene would be called a __ because it contains a repeating pattern of propylene's. polymer
a ___ is a polymer that contains any, different molecules of amino acids protein
the polymer___ determine your genetic makeup. DNA
a polymer of sugar molecules is called a(n) carbohydrate
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