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1st Verb Test

2nd Quarter Verbs-Lorenzen

abarcar to include, to embrace
accionar to act
adelgazarse to get/become thin
apoyar to support
bordar to embroider
coger to catch, pick up
delirar to hallucinate
descifrar to decode, decipher
desilusionar to disillusion
destrozar to destroy
divisar to glance or see
embarcar to embark, set sail
encomendar to entrust or trust
ensayar to rehearse
envasar to package, bottle
espesar to thicken
expender to expend
fijarse to notice
fusilar to shoot
hacerse to become + profession
hospedar to lodge
indagar to investigate
internar to try, to attempt
jurar to pledge
ligar to tie together
madrugar to get up early
medir to measure
navegar to navigate or sail
oponerse to oppose
pedier socorro to call for help
perseguir to pursue or persecute
portarse bien to behave
prever to foresee
pulverizar to pulverize
raspar to scrape
reembolsar to reimburse
relampaguear to lightning
resaltar to stand out
revisar to revise, check
salvar to save
sobregirar to overdraw an account
sosegar to calm down
torcerse to sprain or twist
violar to violate or tamper with
Created by: pvdrama
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