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Irregular Set 2 TQD

Common Irregular verbs Set 2 by Truong Quang Dung

meet met met gặp gỡ
must had to had to phải
pay paid paid trả tiền
put put put đặt
read read read đọc
ride rode ridden chạy xe 2 bánh, cưỡi ngựa
ring rang rung reo
rise rose risen mọc, dâng lên
run ran run chạy
say said said nói
see saw seen thấy
sell sold sold bán
send sent sent gửi
set set set thiết lập, cài đặt
shake shook shaken lắc, vẫy
shine shone shone chiếu sáng
shoot shot shot bắn
show showed shown chỉ cho xem
shrink shrank shrunk co lại
shut shut shut đóng
sing sang sung hát
sink sank sunk chìm
sit sat sat ngồi
sleep slept slept ngủ
slide slid slid trượt
smell smelled smelled ngửi
speak spoke spoken nói
spell spelt spelt đánh vần
spill spilled spilled làm tràn
split split split tách ra
spoil spoiled spoiled làm hư hỏng
spread spread spread lan rộng
stand stood stood đứng
steal stole stolen trộm
stick stuck stuck mắc kẹt
swear swore sworn thề thốt, chửi rủa
swell swelled swollen sưng phồng
swim swam swum bơi lội
take took taken lấy
teach taught taught dạy
tear tore torn
tell told told bảo
think thought thought suy nghĩ
throw threw thrown ném
understand understood understood hiểu
wake woke woken thức giấc
wear wore worn mặc, mòn
win won won chiến thắng
write wrote written viết
make made made làm
mean meant meant nghĩa là
Created by: truongquangdung