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College Math 113 M7

Solving Systems of linear Equations and Problem Solving

Caleb has a total of 130 coins, all of which either dimes or quarters. The total value of the coins is $26.50. Find the number of each coin. A. 20 dimes + 10 quarters = 130 B. 40 dimes + 90 quarters = 130 C. 70 dimes + 78 quarters = 130 B. 40 dimes + 90 quarters = 130 40*(.10)+90*(.25)= $26.50
Domo Sims has been pricing speed-pass train fares for a group trip to New York. Three Adults and four children must pay $124. Two adults and three children must pay $88. Find the price of the adults ticket and the price of a childs ticket. Childrens ticket = 16 Adults ticket = 20 2(3A+4C)= 2(124) -3(2A+3C)= -3(88)
Given the cost function C(x) and the revenue function R(x), find the number of units x that must be sold to break even. C(x)= 12+80000 and R(x)=17x X= 16000 Set C=R
Jehkota Harris top scorer for mens basketball league for the 2006 regular season, total of 863 points. Number two-point field goals made was 75 less than double the number of free throws made was 28 less than the number of two point field goals he made. X= 145 free throws Y= 173 2 points Z= 124 three points (1) y=2z-75 (2) x=y-28 (3) x+2y+3z= 863
What are the length and width of a rectangular traffic sign if the length exceeds the width by 2 inches and the perimeter is 148 inches? L= W+2 2L+2W= 148 Length= 38 Width= 36
Abstract office supplies estimate that $6,000 of new manufacturing equipment will need to be purchased and that the cost of constructing each desk will be $150. Also estimates that the revenue from each desk will be $450. R(x)= 450 C(x)= 6000+ 150x X= 20 Set C=R
Doreen Schmidt is a chemist. She needs to prepare 24 ounces of a 8% hydrochloric acid solution. Find the amount of 12% solution and the amount of 6% solution should she mix to get this solution. X+Y=24 X= 16 Y= 8 -6(X+Y)= -6(24) .06x+.12y= 1.92 (times by 100 to eliminate decimals)
Created by: caniya0824