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Chemistry Test 5

Chapters 17-21; Labs 9,10

1 Two things that are needed by bodies are fuel molecules and carbon dioxide. 1 false
2 Bodies produce carbon dioxide, energy, body mass and waste. 2 true
3 The energy produced by our bodies is used for our activities and to generate heat. 3 true
4 If we wish to lose weight we should be more physically active and eat more to fuel that extra activity. 4 false
5 If we wish to gain weight we should try to stop producing waste. 5 false
6 Two types of proteins are structural proteins and enzymes. 6 true
7 DNA and RNA store information that is used in guiding cellular processes. 7 true
8 Genetic engineering is a scientific discipline in which scientists manipulate polysaccharides. 8 false
9 Vitamin C is an oxidizing agent. 9 false
10 Rust is the result of chemical oxidation of iron. 10 true
11 Meat tenderizer contains enzymes that break down meat proteins. 11 true
12 Monosodium glutamate is a form of an amino acid used to flavor foods. 12 true
13 Dextrose is an example of a fatty acid. 13 false
14 Soap is made from nucleic acids. 14 false
15 made up of base pairs are: 15 nucleic acids
16 starch is an example of: 16 polysaccharides
17 made up of amino acids are: 17 proteins
18 glycogen is a: 18 polysaccharide
19 The genetic code is the make-up of: 19 nucleic acids
20 Sugars are the make up of: 20 polysaccharides
21. Adenine, guanine, thymine, cytosine are made of: 21 nucleic acids
22 Fatty acids make: 22 lipids
23 Cellulose is an example of: 23 polysaccharides
24 DNA and RNA. 24 nucleic acids
25 enzymes 25 proteins
26 deoxyribose and ribose sugars linked by PO4 2– . 26 nucleic acids
27 collagen is an example of: 27 proteins
28 Polymers of glucose are an example of: 28 polysaccharides
29 The following types of molecules have energy storage as a major function: 29 polysaccharides lipids
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