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Review for Ratios, Rates, and Proportions Test

4 pints = ____ cups (2 cups = 1 pint) 8 cups
You can buy 3 apples at the Quik Market for $1.11, or you can buy 5 apples at Stop 'n Shop for $2.45. Which store has the better buy on apples? Quik Market because the apples at $0.37 as opposed to $0.49 at Stop 'n Shop.
Write the ratio in simplest form: 8 apples to 12 strawberries 2/3
Find the unit rate for 6 pens for $4.68 1 pen for $0.78
Five percent of the flowers in Helena's garden are roses. If she has 15 roses, how many flowers are in the garden? 300 flowers
The ratio of sixth graders to eighth graders on the math club is 7:4. If there are 12 eighth graders, how many sixth graders are on the math club? 21 sixth graders
There are 120 dogs at the kennel and 35% of them are female. How many of the dogs are female? 42 dogs
In an art project Gianni painted, there are 6 stars for every 11 moons. If Gianni painted 48 stars, how many moons did he paint? 88 moons
Find the price of one pickle if two jars of 9 gourmet pickles cost $15. Each pickle costs $1.20
There are 8 baseballs, 3 footballs, and 7 basketballs in the gym. What is the ratio of baseballs to all sports balls in the gym? Simplify your answer. 4 to 9
Three shelves in the toy store hold 24 toys. How many toys will 5 shelves hold? 40 toys
There are 60 sliced mushrooms on 4 pizzas. How many sliced mushrooms are on 15 pizzas? 225 sliced mushrooms
Victor assembles 3 clipboards in 2 minutes. How many clipboards can Victor assemble in one hour? 90 clipboards
Daryll can type 3 pages in 18 minutes. How many pages can Daryll type in 30 minutes? 5 pages
Eighteen plums weigh 54 ounces. What is the weight of 27 plums? 81 ounces
Garrett conducted a survey. He asked 25 people to name their favorite color. Twelve people chose blue. If the same ratio holds true, how many people would you predict chose blue as their favorite color if you asked 125 people? 60 people
A school cafeteria recipe calls for 3 cups of flour for every 1 cup of sugar. How many cups of sugar would be needed if 33 cups of flour were used? 11 cups of sugar
Taylor gets paid $42 each week for delivering newspapers everyday. How much does Taylor get paid per day? $6 per day
The length of a piece of rope is 8 feet. How many inches is the rope? (1 ft = 12 inches) 96 inches
There are 81 rivets in 3 panels. How many rivets are there in 13 panels? 351 rivets
Created by: wish518
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