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Remembering basic algebraic terms

TermMeaning with examples
Operators Are math symbols (+, −, ×, ÷) used to show actions or operations to be done on the values/terms given in a math problem.
Variable Is a value/number/amount which needs to be found in a math calculation. A letter (e.g. k, x, y) is used to represent it. E.g. Let y be the number of books bought.
Constant Is a fixed value e.g. 2, 10, 500. In algebraic problems, a letter can be used to represent a constant value.
Term Is a group of factors. E.g. (i) 5a²b+2c-7 has 3 terms; and (ii) 2(x+1)–3y has 2 terms. [Note: In e.g.(ii), the factors which made up the first terms are 2 and (x+1)]
zero pair A pair of numbers when added together gives zero. For e.g.(i) 1 and -1 , (ii) a and -a, (iii) xy and -xy, (iv) p² and -p²
Substitute Replace a variable with a value. E.g. Substitute x=5 means replace x with 5 in the question.
Evaluate Find the value of. E.g. Evaluate 4k when k=2. This problem requires k to be replaced by 2 so that its final value (8) can be found.
Algebraic expression Is a math statement/sentence. It is made up of a few terms that are combined together by some operators e.g.(i) 2+x,(ii) 3y-z, and (iii) 5a²b+2c-7.
Coefficient Is a number that is multiplied by one or more variables e.g. the coefficient in the term, 5a²b, is 5. (Note: If y is the given term, then 1 is its coefficient. This is because anything multiply by 1 will not change its value.)
Like terms Are terms with identical variables written in the same pattern. E.g. 4xy and 6xy are like terms because both terms have xy. Like terms can be added or subtracted from each other.
Unlike terms Are terms without identical variables written in the same pattern. E.g. 2x and 3x² are unlike terms because x and x² are not of the same pattern. These two terms cannot be added together or subtracted from each other.
Expand Factors in a term are multiplied together and brackets are removed during the process. E.g. Expand 3(x+3). In this problem the factors are 3 and (x+3). After multiplying the result is 3x+9.
Equation When two algebraic expressions have the same value, they can be connected by an equal sign. E.g. 2x-1=x+5
Formula It is used to show relationship between 2 or more variables. E.g. the relationship between area of circle(A) and its radius(r) is given by A=πr².
Simplify Reduce the number of terms in an algebraic expression by doing some operations. E.g. Simplify 3x-2+x+5y-1. This question has 5 terms but after simplifying the answer has 3 terms, that is, 3x-2+x+5y-1=4x+5y-3.
Express Rewrite a math statement/equation according to conditions given. E.g. Given that x-y=4, express x in terms of y. This problem requires finding an answer for x. The answer will look like this: x=y+4
Created by: edugan_hoh