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Chemistry 1 Test

physical change They don't change the composition of a substance, only the physical properties.
change in state of matter When a substance changes from one state of matter to another.
Is ice-cream melting a physical change or chemical change? Ice-cream melting is a physical change because the composition stays the same.
When a substance changes directly from a gas to a solid, or from solid to gas, it is called ________. Sublimation
Is sublimation a physical change or a chemical change? Sublimation is still a physical change because the composition of the substance remains the same.
How many kinds of physical changes are there? There are 2 kinds of physical changes. Change in size or shape, and change in state of matter.
change in size or shape When a substance changes in size or shape.
What kind of physical change is shredding paper? Change in size or shape.
What kind of physical change is stretching a rubber band? Change in size or shape.
Chemical Change The result in the formation of one or more new substance with new chemical and physical properties.
Color change When a substance changes color, the chemical composition of the substance may have changed.
Temperature change When a substance is combined with another substance, there may be an increase or decrease in temperature.
Formation of a precipitate When two solutions are combined, they may form a solid substance. This solid substance is called a precipitate and indicates that a chemical change has occurred.
Atom The smallest part of an element.
Protons particles that are found in the nucleus of an atom. They are positively charged particles.
Neutrons Particles that have no charge. They are found in the nucleus of an atom.
Electrons They are negatively charged particles that orbit the nucleus.
Democritus Influence to Atomic Theory He theorized that if you cut a paper into pieces you would eventually get to a particle that you can't cut physically.
Dalton's Influence to Atomic Theory Theorized that atoms were too small to be seen by the human eye. He proposed an "atomic theory" with spherical solid atoms based upon measurable properties of mass.
Thompson 's Influence to Atomic Theory Used a cathode ray to detect electrons and theorized that electrons are embedded in the nucleus/nuclei of an atom.
Rutherford's Influence to Atomic Theory Used a gold foil experiment involving alpha particles; theorized atoms had a dense core which was a positive nucleus
Bohr's Influence to Atomic Theory Theorized electrons were orbiting the nucleus (also had the most accurate model)
Compounds Pure substance composed of two or more different elements joined by chemical bonds. Also they can only by separated by chemical means.
Mixtures A combination of two or more pure substances that are not chemically combined.
Homogeneous Mixtures You can't see all of the parts like pancakes.
Heterogeneous Mixtures You can see all of the parts like pizza, and salad.
Elements They are pure substances that can't be separated into simpler substances Physical or Chemical means.
Melting point It is the point where the solid melting into a liquid.
Boiling Point It is the point where the liquid goes into a gas.
Density Density is a property that describes their relationship between the mass of a material and its volume.
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